Small screen with great benefits! [laptop]

Small screen with great benefits

Videotape with an SLR so often display a problem. Often the fixed and difficulted to see and even when the swivels are the small. In the professional video world, there is a long time to solve the battery-powered monitors to hook up,such as a Dell latitude d620 battery for a your laptop monitor. The classic brand in the market is Marshall who is doing very well and feature-packed screens. But Marshall screens in sensible sizes often cost more than a camera, their cheapest model starts at around 7500 dollars.

We have looked at a relatively new financial options, the Sony CLM-V55, which is five inches high and can be very helpful when you want to do some advanced things with the camera.

Beware of the sun.

If you have a nice laptop, you may like to have a Dell inspiron e1505 battery to have a longer battery life. The same, the monitor has good image quality, with very good viewing angle. The image size is 800x480 but receive up to 1920x1080 pixels and can display full HD with good quality. As for the bracket as Sony has wisely stuck to a simple but stable blixtskof with a single point. Sturdy and easy.
In addition to the monitor will send Sony a hood of hard plastic that protects against sunlight, video photographer's best friend on a sunny spring day.

As for settings, so are all the usual settings for displays as sharpness, brightness and contrast. It handles it all very smooth with the help of a feed wheel with button function. You known the brightness and contrast are important, the same with your laptop which has a Dell vostro 1500 battery.

Helps with macro photos.

A fun feature on the Sony screen is that you can activate the so-called Peak-function, where the image black and white, but areas of high contrast turn red. This is extremely helpful for focusing and a feature you want, but in such a screen. In the Sony screen can also display different origins in real time, which is also helpful.

These screens are sold primarily as a video accessories. But with today's SLR fills the fact a different and equally important function. They are absolutely brilliant for macro photography, then extreme close-up photography. At such a shooting, many Live View function for accurate focusing. With the particular peak feature will make it much easier to see exactly what you do. For conventional Dell latitude d630 batteries, there have been enhancements angle finder and eyepiece magnifier, but this kind of displays work much better.

Note that the screen is sold without Dell latitude d600 batteries and costs about 600 bucks a pop. Sony sees the good in the first place as an accessory to their SLRs, where the owner often already have a battery and a charger. But even with battery and charger, the price is still competitive, and for those who already have the accessories, the screen is really cheap.

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