Share your location with Glympse [news]

Share your location with Glympse

On your way to a meeting, but you're late. Or go back home, or use a Dell inspiron 6400 battery to surf on the Internet and I expect for dinner. Glympse is an application that lets you share from your iPhone where you are and how fast you are moving, that at the meeting if you know it is 5 or 25 minutes at home or to know when setting the table and everything is ready As you open the door ... or to know what time you arrive and prepare dinner.

While with Google Latitude share your location with all your contacts at all times, is more oriented Glympse peak times, and total control over who has access to information. After launching the application decide who we want to inform where we are and how long we want to. You can leave a message (are many predefined type "I go home" or "I go now" but in English) and a destination, and go. Send email on your laptop which has a Dell inspiron 1720 battery, SMS, Facebook or Twitter a link so you can have us controlled via Web or from the application if they have installed, with the added advantage that there are versions for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. In the History section and by warning balloons application itself informs us that the recipient is accessing the information, and any time we must share.

The operation is very simple, you can also use a Dell inspiron e1705 battery to find the methods on you computer, note that is well designed so that the number of steps are the minimum possible and we can reduce them to only two hits to frequent contacts saved in Bookmarks. Or if we are going to take more than a touch in 15 minutes easily increase the time remaining. Details are appreciated in an application that we use when we are in motion and may hurry. Also do not even have set up an account or to share or to see what is shared.

Even as an app platform leverages Glympse iOS characteristics such as multitasking, and allowed to continue updating the position for as long as you have set but we leave the application in devices that support it, 4 and 3G iPhone.Note it is different from a 3G laptop which also have a Dell xps m1210 battery in. Fortunately, because if we were to leave it open lose many points. Oh, and the price? Free.

Today, Which merchandise for free? A Dell xps m1710 battery? No,the Glympse.

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