Nintendo 3DS Game Test [news]

Nintendo 3DS Game Test

3DS: Sims 3: Be it on PC that use a Sony vgp-bps5a as the power, Xbox or PlayStation 3, the franchise "The Sims" have been fascinating for over 10 years, players of all ages. No wonder that the developers have thought here that this game should necessarily appear on the latest console from Nintendo. With the 3D effects would have determined a Sims game can put on the legs, which would become the absolute best seller. In this case, I am really disappointed by EA but enormously, as the 3DS version of the game in general just do not give of. Unlike Sims versions on other consoles, is here almost entirely dispensed with a statement of its own functions, which makes it especially for beginners rather complicated. Also from the implementation of the characters I would have definitely expected more, so I think this game is not really recommended.

PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer: As a confirmed fan of the Fifa series, I really had no great expectations for the football game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, which was previously fürPSP, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PS 2 undPC available. In this game, the 3D effects were fairly implemented perfectly, so that one could think use a ThinkPad x60 for their computer to play the games directly in their own home . The harmony between the controls of 3DS and control of PES 2011 are in excellent, so it can be on the Nintendo 3DS played with such precision that would otherwise be possible on any other console. The only minor complaint is the lack of good asset and remain the game, so many teams are provided with a relatively unusual name.

Rayman 3D: In the game Rayman 2 is a jump n run game as it is in the picture book. A total of 20 levels are sometimes quite challenging to get but with a lot of fun and action. As usual in previous versions of Sony np-fh100 must also slow-play more and more functions and capabilities.

Super Street Fighter IV - 3D Edition: This game is one of the highlights for the new Nintendo 3DS. 35 more or less well-known fighter, plus a unique graphic and well done 3-D effects make 'Super Street Fighter IV "into a true gaming experience. In addition to the characters provide the camera that with a Sony np-fm50 and the control can be changed, which in turn has an effect on the difficulty of the game. For the first time there in a Street Fighter game, a shoulder-mounted camera, but should be better applied by experienced players, as it is quite difficult to catch the right moment to strike.

Nintendogs + Cats: The cute dogs from Nintendogs to get in the 3DS version increase of cute cuddly cats. Apart from the fact that the player can now also take care of a cat, was the game play to the DS version changed very little. This time stand on betting advertising, in which various prizes to be won. It is obvious that all the other needs of the pet are satisfied. In addition, it is still positive to note that the graphics in "Nintendogs + Cats" but has improved quite a lot. This game may not be to everyone's taste, but who has taken a liking to its predecessor, will love this game.

Pilot Wings Resort: Several years ago, was "Pilot Wings" as one of the best games for the former Nintendo 64 If you look today at the new edition for the HP g50 battery, it makes itself felt directly the huge advances that have taken place between the few console generations. Principle of the game, but has not changed much. With a wide variety of vehicles, it is a number of challenges to survive in the air. However, the scope of the game is pretty much limited, so that is lost after a relatively short period of game play.

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