Apple announced financial results for the last quarter [news]

Apple announced financial results for the last quarter

Few minutes ago Apple has released the results of its second fiscal quarter (first quarter), as general summary, if we had to put it simply, you could say it's a new record in all respects, a milestone If you consider this to be non-holiday quarter. Broadly speaking, Sony vgp-bps5a sold 26,670 million with a net profit of 5,990 million.

By breakdown, sales were comprised of:

3,760,000 Macs, up 28% over the same quarter last year
18,650,000 iPhones, a 113% increase over the previous year
9,020,000 iPods, in this case we speak of a 17% decrease over the same quarter last year, half of this quantity accounts for iPod touch.
Finally, the company sold 4,690,000 of ThinkPad z61 batteries, with no previous references
The iTunes Store has generated 1,400 million dollars, with a total of 100 million books downloaded

I find great figures, taking into account that the section of HP pavilion dv6 batteries continues to show the trend for some time, the predominance of iPads and iPhones. Regarding the latter, it's amazing the pace has been taking into account the competition it has.

To give us an idea of ​​how good are these figures, the company of xps m1330 battery has increased revenue by 83% over the previous year (95% of profits). So, last year around the same time $ 13,500,000 had been admitted with a profit of $ 3,070,000. Is almost twice, in both terms, with respect to what was done last year. And the expectation is to continue to break records.

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