iPad, art and creativity [phone]

iPad, art and creativity
iPad, art and creativity

The launch of the iPad 2 in March 2011 meant more than the appearance of another gadget in stores. Moreover, it is now almost impossible to speak, as once did, a "toy snob and elitist" and it remains one of the cheaper tablets and sold on the market. His performance meant-and means-a change of perspective, mental and social repositioning of the product: if it is still a business and business tool very useful, and can not be designed only for the Sony np-fh50, the iPad has become atelier an assistant, a companion in the inventive process in a creative engine for artists and heads centered in the right hemisphere.

Clear and widely known examples of replacing iPad pianos, guitars, and even entire orchestras are the album The Fall of Gorillaz, produced in an IPAD with a wide selection of apps found in the App Store and then The Underwear Party Ultramods, recorded entirely in GarageBand iPad 2. In addition, also recall the work of art of David Kassan iOS Brushes made​​. However, these cases sides leaving many would call "extraordinary", is it possible to speak of an artistic movement of the hand of mass culture and new technologies? Is it possible to think the other artistic disciplines, those perhaps less traditional from a single glance? In this space, iPad AppleWeblog present cases, and why no HP g50 battery, applied to art, design and, most importantly, creative work.

The following video is part of The Voice Project, a global movement for peace that is musical artists performing songs from other artists, is doing covers of their favorite songs and musical references. These presentations are published on their website and the money raised (through donations, sponsorship, and advertising) is used for humanitarian purposes.

This time, The Voice Project joins the New York DJ Spooky and Joshua Roman, placed side by side with a IBM ThinkPad t60 battery and a more "traditional" musical dialogue with the electronic genre and live performance. To do this, perform the song "Everything in ITS Right Place" by British band Radiohead because they believe that building an optimal climate for both digital interpretation to analog, and they understand that is one of the few groups that has been exploring full merger with electronic music. Then a cello iPad and translating the talent and emotion of their performances.

Video for "Need"

Without abandoning the musical universe, move the shaft to the visual production. This is the song "Need" of Eddy and Broadway musical performer, particularly, the first music video shot entirely with a Dell inspiron 6400 battery. According to the interview conducted by Creative iPad its creators, Remedy Films, the entire production of the clip lasted just over 24 hours: 8 hours in line to buy 3 iPads, 5 hours of shooting, and 12 hours of editing. Also worth mentioning that, unable to access the Apple tablet before launch and assuming that the video quality would be similar, they did some initial testing an iPhone camera with 4 (then edited in iMovie IOS). Enjoy the next fleeting production created in 720p with a iPad 2.

These were two very different cases to creative uses of Sony np-qm91d. Beyond individual tastes, take the initiative in wanting to do something different, think differently ("Think Different"), and give some pre-established alternative uses is worthy of admiration and inspiration. Can you think of more cases for Apple products applied to art and creativity?

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