Listing Photo Engine: press release Oloneo [news]

Listing Photo Engine: press release Oloneo

Paris, France April 30, 2011: Oloneo today PhotoEngine v1.0, the only software HDR (High Dynamic) and RAW processing giving photographers full control of lighting and exposure in real time. The output of PhotoEngine v1.0 for Windows is planned May 31, 2011 at a price of 125 euros HT (or 149 U.S. $) that more expensive than a ThinkPad z61 battery. Users of the beta who register before May 31 receive a 25% discount and can acquire PhotoEngine v1.0 at a price of 93 euros HT (or 110 U.S. $). To register and take advantage of this offer, users are invited to subscribe to the newsletter of Oloneo on the website of the company whose address is

Numerous photographers have participated enthusiastically in public beta testing PhotoEngine over the last 9 months as evidenced by the abundance of suggestions and comments received. This active participation has helped make a reference HP pavilion dv6000 battery rising among professional photographers and amateurs.

"We spent all our time to implement the suggestions received from beta testers, making HP g60 battery a product tailored to their needs in terms of functionality, ease of use and speed," said Antoine Clappier, president 'Oloneo PhotoEngine and creator. "The quantity and quality of images created by users reflect the immense potential PhotoEngine."

By providing virtually unlimited control exposure and lighting in real time, PhotoEngine that equipped with a Sony np-ff50 gives photographers a whole new way to manipulate, transform and improve their digital photos.

"Sony np-fm50 has dramatically improved my workflow and increased my level of creativity and excellence," said David Giral professional photographer and longtime expert on HDR. "PhotoEngine has clearly taken a big lead on the competition to create a very effective images remarkable."

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