Samsung Omnia II [phone]

Samsung Omnia II

He has trouble seeing screens celu? So the Omnia II, Samsung's top line is the perfect device. Its touch screen, a huge (3.7 ") and high resolution (480 by 800 pixels) is a show for the eyes. And best of tud the size of fonts and a nice battery different from the Dell inspiron 6400 battery is also great, providing excellent readability, even with its dark background.

The large screen favors the use of Office applications. Working with spreadsheets is more pleasurable than the other smartphones. The smartphone has three front keys: two for the links and a directional center. In lateriais, buttons for locking and unlocking the phone, camera (5 MP camera with a Sony np-fh70) and volume.

Omnia's interface II follows the pattern that has become characteristic of touch devices from Samsung, sliding desktops, which can be augmented with widgets. The bar is retracted widgets on the left side of the screen. You can install other widgets, downloading them from the internet. Among the highlights, widgets for social networks and Google services like Maps, Gmail and Orkut, and shortcuts to phonebook, notes, weather, among others.

To navigate between screens and menus, using only your fingers is enough, although the sliding of the screen is not smooth. Lack sensitivity. To write, however, the user has to use the little pen stylus that comes along. With the pen, the writing is smooth and the unit allows you comfortably to notes in cursive script, the application notes. However, the pen is one that fits inside the unit. If on one hand the fact that she is more improvement to handle, the other is easy to lose, except that the tie strap somewhere.

The camera is only reasonable performance, and the Sony np-qm71d in a surprise phone that had everything to be an energy hog: your AMOLED screen is huge and the processor is super fast. The Omnia II is one of the best smartphones with Windows Mobile (version 6.5) today, but the system is not the most agile. The answer is a bit slow to switch between several open applications or when there are many widgets.

Our choice

The Omnia Pro is the device that best balances the tools provided with the final product price. Costing less than $ 1,000, is the most cost-effective. However, our choice was the Nokia E72. With brilliant performance in the tests, not owed anything. And best of all, has the best range between laboratory models. And as we know, there is no point having a super smartphone in the middle of the day the battery died.


Blackberry Bold 9700, cost-effective solution for connectivity.

Anyone who intends to use the Apple powerbook g4 12 inch battery but not quite want to spend much, either the equipment or data plan, a good option is the new Blackberry Bold 9700. He is a "brother" smaller and lighter than the Bold first, retaining the excellent connectivity with 3G, wifi, bluetooth and GPS. He also lost the "ball" directional, giving rise to a touch trackpad. The touch sensitivity accelerates the scrolling. The camera has also been improved and won geotagging.

In addition, it comes with the latest operating system (version 5.0), the app store Blackberry App World and native support for some social networks, like Twitter.

The battery the same with the Toshiba pa3465u 1brs that lasts for up to 17 days of standby time in 3G mode. In the course unit sells for R $ 849.00 on Sure 300 or unlimited plans. The fee for this package is 50% off first 3 months, for $ 37.50. But there are plans with monthly fees starting at $ 19.90.

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