Comparing three smartphones in the moment [phone]

Comparing three smartphones in the moment

The main stars of the moment were tested for in our group: Apple iPhone 4, Milestone 2, Motorola and Samsung Galaxy S. A fourth model was programmed, the Nokia N8, but the company did not give a sony np-bn1 to our comparison, and he was excluded from testing. So let the contestants.

The three models have features in common. The more striking is the processor. All offer chips 1 GHz - the fastest currently available for Apple powerbook g4 15 inch battery. Each photograph also in 5 mega pixel, make videos in HD and have an accelerometer - which makes the screen image to adjust the position of the phone - GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with support for stereo headphones. But the similarities end there. The first differences are in how each phone stores data.

The Motorola and Samsung come with memory card 8 Giga. The iPhone 2 has four storage options: 16 or 32 GB. In spite of the iPhone offer more initial memory, the other two have the advantage of being more flexible because you can buy additional cards.

The iPhone has gone through a complete overhaul. The Apple powerbook g4 12 inch battery is thinner, but slightly heavier. The antenna is embedded in the outer side: it bypasses the device edges. Then came the controversy of the signal drops, because in some cases, the hand can block the antenna. In the U.S., Steve Jobs even had to distribute cape to remedy the situation.

Motorola is also betting the look clean. The rubberized finish is more, with more grip for the hands. A super important detail is the keyboard. He is the only such offering supersmartphones physical keyboard, and the virtual.

Samsung, guess what: we also have the clean look of this. All are very similar. The advantage of the model of the Korean firm is the screen size. It is the largest, with 3 inches, versus 2:30 competitors.

Incidentally, speaking of the screen, this is a really important issue when choosing your smartphone. After all, with sound expensive, you can and should demand the best look possible. We began with the Toshiba pa3420u 1brs. The new high-resolution screen, called by Apple "retinal display," strikes the eye, and displays icons and video with excellent quality.

But, for that matter, who gives the show is the Samsung player. Not just a big screen: The display uses a technology called super AMOLED. This technology shows more vivid images, it consumes less energy and less reflects the outside lights. Even under the strong sun, you can see the screen just fine.

The screen of Motorola is the least powerful of the three. Not that it's bad. But when compared to the Toshiba satellite a200 battery, especially with the Samsung, it gets a little behind.

This article via: batteryweekly.

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