Mobile media consumption continues to increase [phone]

Mobile media consumption continues to increase
Mobile media

Globalization and regionalization go hand in hand. Define During transport and communication networks daily global dimensions, local and regional identity in many places the most important benchmark. Even in the digital media use on portable Internet-enabled devices, this trend will again. According to a recent study ("to go home") to market research firm TNS Emnid promotes mobile Internet while the regional links via the exchange location-based services and acts as a driver for such promotional offers. In addition, mobile phone, notebook that equipped with IBM ThinkPad t60 battery and Co also take in other areas of way use an increasingly prominent role.

Retrieval of location-based services by mobile phone

While the older location-based information (LBS) is preferably received over the radio, are among the under-30s for the retrieval of such services and mobile phone text in the center. Most interest in this kind of content is also in younger, higher-earning men. In mobile media consumption, the mobile phone also become mainly for young users find the portable computer that use a Toshiba satellite a200 battery as the power to the essential information gatherers.

It is understood that around 50 per cent of 14 to 29 year olds regularly on Internet or notebook that equipped with Dell inspiron 6400 battery to go to get news and media content, use about 41 percent of the young for a cell phone or smart phone. On average, all respondents laptop and mobile phone, although only with around 24 or 18 percent growth rates of 51 and 61 percent year on year, however, speak for themselves and highlight the increasing influence of mobile all-rounder in everyday life.

Mobile Radio use on mobile phones and smart phone trends

Especially in the use of radio on the way the mobile phone is increasingly used: 12.3 percent it currently already use to receive radio programs - representing an increase of 64 percent within a year. In the younger users, the proportion of 29 percent. As popular as a radio receiver is the notebook which have a Toshiba pa3534u 1brs in that is used a total of 8 percent as a sound source. A large role in both units also downloading video content from music portals, the laptop is more common to the mobile phone with 8.8 to 5.3 percent use. Likewise, be used like both types of devices in addition to visits to video sites like YouTube, and while the notebook for 19 percent, but the phone seems to be suitable only for 5 percent of the respondents as a video player.

The heyday of the MP3 player, however, appear to be over. Its popularity declined in comparison to 2010, both in the younger age and by 7 or 9 percent. Hardly play a role also currently Tablet PCs such as Apple's iPad. Only 2 percent of the over 1,300 respondents aged 14 years had one of the flat screen computer in use. In the just under 30-year-olds reported 4 percent to use a Tablet PC that have a Sony vgp-bps8 as the power for mobile media use.

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