The millennium of phoenix [diary]

Let them go and fly these modern-minded bugs
and fight against our peaceful fire-bird
put them at ease, let them try their best
though they deserve to be laughed at, you
follow the athletic ethic of victor combatants.
Let them go and fly these blind-hearted bats
and try to put out the sun's everlasting light
but remember not to laugh at enemy's corpse.
When a fly buzzes, even if disturbs you,
let it buzz its lecture in darkness, and be sure
that the wind will come and throw it away.
But you, My eagle, My heroic ancient spirit
that the hurricane cannot shake even your shade
and the typhoon is captured by your sharp claws
go on composing our epical presence.
You are the most honorable image, I've ever seen
when you are sitting still at the highest peak.
Only that stony horse can bear your epical weight
on which you sit and worship The Muse.
Give my best greetings to the goddess of poetry
and, on behalf of me, ask her if she knows
who taught and trained her bravest son, Epic
and encouraged him to kill the war-beginners?
And who took care of her prettiest daughter, sonnet
and made up the most charming bride of literature
to elevate the flag of Love and Peace.
And also kindly ask her whether she knows
that her dearest daughter and son, sonnet and epic
were accused of being tyrant and lewd
by some bugs and bats and cardboard cavaliers.
But tell her not to worry at all, since they live
in a lofty, firm and fortified palace
which was built by Ferdowsi and painted by Hafez.
And surely she knows her children's trainers.
* * * * *
Our ancient fire- bird, the phoenix, never dies
and today is the Millennium of it's heroic birth.
Today the old phoenix burnt itself, but
a newly born bird came out from its ashes.
The young phoenix is now inspiring all the birds,
and helps them to compose their crimson flight poems.
Nowadays, any free bird, I see in the sky
is dancing and singing epical sonnets
lovely and pacifically.

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