The windows 7 SP1 [news]

The windows 7 SP1

windows 7 SP1

After a beta version and "Release Candidate" (RC) Microsoft has offered on 22 February, the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for your laptop with a Dell latitude d630 battery to download. The SP1 update not only the Vista successor, but also Windows Server 2008 R2. Choice of variants for the 32 - and 64-bit version operating system, the German language also supports the service pack. Whether you already have SP1 installed, check by clicking on the Start menu and typing "winver" in the search box.

Thanks SP1 ready for "Sandy Bridge"

The effect of SP1 on the functionality of Windows 7 are minimal: The operating system supported with SP1 installed, the technology "Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX). Which in case of the new chipsets from Intel ("Sandy Bridge") and AMD ("Bulldozer") for additional power for certain types of programs. Expect otherwise rather a collection of security updates and improved stability of the operating system.

Service Pack install

The installation of SP1 works in two ways: Either you download the complete package from the laptop which has a Dell vostro 1500 battery in and run the installation wizard. Currently, Microsoft offers a 32 -, and 64-bit version of SP1. Important: Select to download the bit number, which also has your operating system! The installation of the Windows 7 SP1 shows COMPUTER step by step.

Alternative: "Windows Update"

Or use the update service "Windows Update" - this invites Windows 7 downloads only the changes that are not already on your computer with a Dell inspiron e1505 battery in to work longer. Meanwhile, Microsoft distributed the Service Pack 1 via Windows Update - but invite you down here only a preliminary update before the start of the download SP1.

Conclusion: Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Those who expect the SP1 a colorful bouquet of new features that experienced a disappointment: the service pack is almost exclusively a collection of important improvements in security and stability - provides the installation, you hardly changes. Nevertheless, the lack SP1 on any Windows 7 PC! By the update, make sure that you have missed since the publication of the Vista successor, no major updates, closing any weaknesses in the operating system.

The installation went smoothly in the test: You need to set up the schedule SP1 than half an hour, at this time, Windows 7 by a restart. Although no problems occurred in the newsroom, a backup before installing the SP1 is recommended.

Do you have a Dell inspiron 6400 battery in your computer or a beta version of the "release candidate" of SP1? It need to delete before installing the final version. The most convenient way possible, the "Uninstall Programs" from Control Panel under the menu: click "View installed updates ", search for the Service Pack 1 and select Uninstall. (The "release candidate"works by 30 November 2011, from 30 June, the operating system reminds you of the imminent end of support).

How it works: install Windows 7 on a USB stick for your laptop and buy a Dell inspiron 1720 batteryto make you work a little longer.

"Sacred Windows 7: To enable hidden features!

Windows 7: How does the user interface.

They want this week to switch to Windows 7? From the Start menu to Control Panel: Scroll through the gallery and give you an impression of the user interface.

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Intel builds new mega-factory! [news]

Intel builds new mega-factory!

The news on your laptop which have a Dell inspiron 1440 battery in has show that: The semiconductor company Intel is building for more than 5 billion dollars (3.7 billion euros), a new chip factory in the United States. The so-called Fab 42 will occur at the existing site in Chandler in Arizona, announced that CEO Paul Otellini on Friday during a visit by President Barack Obama in another Intel factory.

Intel has big plans

to the factory, which is different from the dell company to Dell inspiron 1501 battery.

Construction will commence middle of this year and completed in 2013. Thousands of people would see the better Dell Inspiron 6000 battery and subsequent operation work, Intel promised. The U.S. company had already announced plans to put billions into its production. This year alone, Intel has reserved the 9 billion dollars for investment.

Even during the economic crisis the number one industry had invested heavily in their works. In four out of five computers infected, a processor from Intel. Through the acquisition of the mobile division of the Munich semiconductor company Infineon, Intel will also in mobile devices such as smart phones,Dell inspiron 1420 battery and tablet computers fight for the lead. Intel still lags behind here.

The new factory would help to achieve the ambitious goals. This should occur with very small chip structures of 14 nanometers - which allows more circuits in a small space and also reduces power consumption. Intel can afford his new work without Dell inspiron 1525 battery for problems: Last year, Intel posted net income of the bottom line is $ 11,700,000,000, more than ever before.

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New Apples for the iPad! [battery]

New Apples for the iPad

Although many people do not really opens up, for what a Tablet PC should be used carefully, the handy devices sell amazingly well. Benefit do it in the future virtually all major computer manufacturers. But Apple could especially in recent months with his iPad points. Among other things, because many applications have been optimized for use on the iPad. Especially newspaper and magazine publishers are pushing applications to the iTunes Store. Our editorial staff provides an overview of many Dell inspiron 1545 battery for your laptop.

Handelsblatt article on the iPad

Since mid-January is the iPad Apple of the business newspaper "Handelsblatt" available for use. To 30 April is the use by an advertising partnership with Siemens free of charge, then be € 11.99 per month or 119 € in the annual subscription due. Mathematically, the equivalent to € 9.92 per month. The developers stress that the iPad version of the newspaper is personalized. That is, it only displays the departmental reports like the Dell inspiron 1525 battery, for which the user is really interested. Individual reports are available from App users even before publication on the website, it is part of the publisher. More apples will follow. For example, "Handelsblatt" compact "with the best contributions from each department. Also new is a moving image and graphics on tailored message format under the title 'Trade Journal-News in 99 seconds ".

"Chip" stormed the iPad

If you prefer using computer instead of economic and financial topics deals may be looking forward to a monthly iPad Apple of the journal "Chip". The magazine can be on Apple's Tablet PC for € 1.59 per issue. A trial version is available as a free download. By the way, who do not have iPad can win on the homepage of a chip.

Even the men's magazine GQ mutated to digital edition

Various topics from business to fashion to relationships or mobility covers the spectrum of men's magazine GQ department. It is since January as Dell inspiron 1420 battery, currently available free of charge. This should not continue to remain Sun Available not only text blocks, but also various videos such as movie trailers and exclusive test drives in cars.

"Hamburger Abendblatt in the iTunes Store

Good news for all North German and especially for all residents of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The main articles of the "Hamburger Abendblatt posts since January for iPad users in a separate apple available. In addition to the text material photo galleries and videos will be provided. Every month, following a trial period due to 14.99 euros. Who the "Evening Journal" subscription in print form, can use the Dell Inspiron 6000 battery of a chip.

ProSieben on iPad

Free is the new apple from ProSieben ready for use. Various formats of the private station, seven days available for free download. Ideal for those who want more independence from the normal TV program. In addition to the traditional on-demand episodes ProSieben also offers a look behind the stage. Backstage material that allows a view of what is not shown in the classic television. The free use is made possible by the insertion of advertising.

Learn math with the iPad

Who remembers back to his school days, when we use a laptop which have a Dell inspiron 1100 battery in, may be remembered with little joy in fractions, decimals and percentages. With the App Motion Math Math HD is finally be fun, however. With the team from Stanford University in California developed program is learning by playing to the fore. Since the beginning of February is the award-winning math game where a ball will be placed on the right of a line in order to achieve the correct result for the 2.39 euros in German language available.

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The notebook of 2011! [laptop]

The notebook of 2011!

haier g7

In 2011, which notebook to choose? CES, has just succeeded in the United States debut of the new G7, perhaps as a very perfect comment. The laptop of 2011, more colorful appearance and performance, will no longer be a Dell Inspiron 6000 battery of a shorter battery life, two graphics technology, and even, technology of laptop can also be used Moisturizing Eye!

The end of 2010 when the color has been a new wave of notebook computer development, many brilliant breakthrough in color, making the notebook computer is no longer the traditional Dell inspiron 1420 battery, black and other old-fashioned appearance. Haier New G7 Consulate General in this regard can be described as a new trend fashion design, Jane Hale family tradition of excellence in this new design has been dripping on the show.

Haier Computer is dedicated to the appearance of new laptop mold development, the design and the battery(not like the Dell inspiron 1525 battery)
of a great sense of technology being the new look. At the same time using the latest composite materials. Not only with high plasticity, durable, while also further reduce the product weight, more portable. In addition, the new laptop for consumers to prepare a variety of highly personalized choice of fashion colors, to provide adequate space to express individuality.

Two graphics technology not only enables a more optimized performance, but also had an outstanding performance in energy efficiency. Also in 2011, this notebook will have a battery life the same as Dell inspiron 1720 battery and a
innovative technology. New G7 such as Haier, in addition to using the new platform, in the first generation of smart two graphics also carried out on the basis of new applications. On a comprehensive reform of this technology, more convenient and user-friendly.

Compared to similar products in the display adjustments, it can only achieve brightness, the value of a simple operation, this innovative design of the new laptop, re-viewing experience for consumers of a comprehensive manner.

2011, the notebook will have the kind of development, the colorful appearance is already a fact to be expected,and the battery of a longer life is different from the Dell inspiron 1545 battery, but a breakthrough in performance is even more exciting. New G7, such as Haier and a number of new products to market, will bring us more agile flying a new era of mobile office.

2011, is worth to wait.

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Nokia defends rejection of Android! [phone]

Nokia defends rejection of Android!


Nokia is getting from his new partner Microsoft a substantial sum of money. The value of the contribution that Microsoft was in the range of billions, "said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop on Sunday evening at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A specific sum he did not name. In media reports had earlier speculated, Microsoft and rival Google would have provided a veritable bidding war to Nokia for the win. Buy Google declined to comment Elop.

Reason for the decision against Google: "duopoly"

Nokia announced on Friday, and share in smartphones in the future mainly on Microsoft's Windows platform phone. The world market leader had recently lost much ground - from phones with Google's Android operating system and Apple's iPhone.The news can get from your dell laptop which has a Dell inspiron 1100 battery.

Elop explicitly defended the rejection of Google as a partner. Had chosen Nokia as the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers for the Android platform, the result would be a "duopoly" was from Google in the Dell Inspiron 6000 battery market, he said. "This would have tipped the whole market towards Google."

Elop, who joined in the fall from Microsoft to Nokia, stressed that he was not a "Trojan horse" of the Windows giant. In the decision for Microsoft, the whole management team was involved. He had a small stake in Microsoft, which dates from his time with the group. He did it for legal reasons, could not break down completely, but this will do and buy Dell inspiron 1420 battery.

The Android platform was displaced end of 2010 Nokia's Symbian from the top of the smartphone market. Together with Microsoft, whose share of smart phones following the launch of Windows Mobile 7 at three percent, was now to be in the role of "challenger," said Elop. "We will get anywhere in the world, significant market share to Windows Mobile." In return, Microsoft deliver Dell inspiron 1525 battery provides an excellent platform for advertising revenue.

Still no launch date for Windows Mobile!

Nokia revealed the first pictures on Sunday night, could look like Dell inspiron 1545 battery for a laptop running the Windows operating system. There was no specific launch date, it still does not. Elop but made it clear that it will go fast. Nokia management there would be "absolute accountability.

Symbian, Nokia's latest smart phone system should be developed, said Elop. It will also sell more Symbian phones and their users run Windows-phone gently in the direction. Also on the new operating system MeeGo, the Nokia developed together with the chip giant Intel, will continue. On Friday Elop had noticed MeeGo is an educational project. He was informed in advance about the Intel upcoming partnership with Microsoft, said Nokia's CEO.

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Digital newsstand for Tablet PCs! [laptop]

Digital newsstand for Tablet PCs!

Digital newsstand

Yahoo unveiled a digital newsstand for Tablet PCs on Thursday.You can use your laptop with a Dell inspiron 1100 battery to see the news. The new platform "Live Stand" to the users in addition to Yahoo's own content digitally edited magazines and appealing message deliver. "Live as allowing users to seamlessly navigate through magazine content of their choice, " said Yahoo managers Ive Henderson in a telephone conference. Advertisers incur up brand new, and interactive advertising formats.

"Correct content at the right time!"

"Consumers today want the right content at the right place at the right time, though you may have a Dell Inspiron 6000 battery for you to play your computer a little longer to see the news. " said Yahoo managers Blake Irving. In the digital age will increasingly digitized content. "But why are there so many magazines are not online yet?"

The Tablet will use often leaning back on the sofa. Much of the content but be prepared only for the computer that has a Dell inspiron 1420 battery. The jump on the tablet body for many publishers a growing problem, even large houses were overwhelmed with the cost for small publishers is the Tablet PC almost unattainable.

Platform to be launched in the first half of 2011!

"Live as" Yahoo wants to present next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Dell inspiron 1525 battery will come in the first half of the market. First, the platform for the IOS is designed by Apple iPad, a version of Google's Android operating system Honeycomb that comes out is expected later this spring, is also planned.

On the "Live Stand" is first part of its own services like Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports and the Flickr photo management present, followed by other special-interest magazines are. On Thursday, Yahoo, for example, showed a glimpse of a surfer magazine. To make content sharing in social networks, the platform will contain a special browser and a better Dell inspiron 1545 battery.

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PC-proven advantages of SRS Premium Sound audio research! [news]

PC-proven advantages of SRS Premium Sound audio research!

January 6, 2011 - from Santa Ana, California - Annual "In 2010 America's Greatest Brands" from the U.S. top brands, The official recognition to one, surround sound technology and industry-leading audio SRS Labs, Inc. in December 2010, third-party research organization in Japan. was conducted on the consumer Dolby and the Waves for both the PC and audio solutions for the blind comparative study, SRS AUDIO end of the PC way, SRS Premium Sound is overwhelming support announced today that it got in with.

SRS Premium Sound audio

"Enjoy the entertainment on the past, the mainstream TV and home theater systems. But now the Dell inspiron 6400 battery is becoming the seat robbed. But judging from the results of this survey conducted by third-party research company, SRS Premium Sound is a high AUDIO is on creating the best quality audio experience is that there are no objections. PC if you want to feel the high-quality audio, SRS Premium Sound adopted a choice of a PC Needless to say, "

The main results of this survey are as follows:

The overall multimedia experience for watching movies at
89% of survey participants, Dolby Home Theater v3 than a PC with a Dell inspiron 1420 battery equipped with SRS Premium Sound support. Waves MaxxAudio while 91% of SRS Premium Sound with more than 3 PC preferred.

For a feeling of spaciousness ?:
People in nearly 9 of 10, Dolby Home Theater v3 than a PC with a PC equipped with SRS Premium Sound better, replied that they provide more expansive sense of acoustic space. On the other hand, Waves Maxx Audio in comparison with nearly three out of 10 people are 10, SRS Premium Sound preferred.

The overall experience stereo music playback ?:
When asked about the overall stereo sound during music playback, 72 percent of survey participants than the Dolby Home Theater v3, and 69 percent of more than 3 SRS Premium Sound Waves MaxxAudio supported.

Sense of deep bass and engulfs ?:
When playing music, the name of nearly seven in the participant's survey of 10, Dolby Home Theater v3 and Waves MaxxAudio than 3 SRS Premium Sound bass with a sense of depth is more to provide acoustic space such as those wrapped.

The depth and quality of the items on the bass, especially when watching movies ? The 88 percent of survey participants supported the other SRS Premium Sound, Dolby Home Theater v3 in support of 12 percent. In addition, Waves MaxxAudio compared with the three topics the survey, 95 percent supported the SRS Premium Sound, Waves MaxxAudio in support of three of only 5 percent.

To compare the performance-based and fair, interactive media research company in Japan is third, two sets of PC for the blind test was used. The pair, notebook PC with a Dell inspiron 1525 battery, Sony VAIO is adopted. One is Dolby Home Theater v3 was equipped with a factory, the other one, SRS Premium Sound equipped. Both Sony VAIO homogeneous.

In addition, as another set notebook PC, Toshiba Qosmio adopted. A single, Waves MaxxAudio carried. The other one, SRS Premium Sound equipped. Both models also the Toshiba Qosmio. Any PC on the same movies / and music preloaded in advance, without knowing whether the one which is equipped with audio solution for general surveys more than 100 participants, the same two per PC than listening to each pair Morai to, which I had to answer whether the PC is a better movie quality music playback.

Sound Premium SRS, the laptop aims natural surround sound without the uncomfortable feeling and sound encompassing the speaker configuration, all of the headphones and speakers and desktop Netbooks, PC was custom-developed for applications already patented SRS technology that combined a number of solutions. In addition, Sound Premium SRS is a rich bass depth, providing a very clear words, dynamically detects subtle sound nuances Kaya Toyo prop missing from the original music and video content, the best? Sound Premium SRS is actually regain shine immersive sound through a true multimedia experience.

Using a smartphone aimed at consumers with Dolby Mobile in last September as SRS TruMedia in comparison with the survey, the overall sound quality superior to Dolby has demonstrated the superiority of SRS. Interactive media research firm that conducted this comparative study in PC audio and the battery like Dell inspiron 1720 battery, SRS is that consumers overwhelmingly support the results obtained, leading product for high-quality SRS Iemasu and was the most rock-solid positions.

SRS Labs, Inc. Company Profile
Was founded in 1993 SRS Labs, Inc. is a company that provides audio signal processing technology for industry-leading consumer electronics products. Voice was founded based on technology developed by SRS Labs, Inc. Hyuzueakurafuto company has over 150 patents worldwide and recognized by industry as the most prestigious in the field of research and application on the principles of human hearing is. Global business major consumer electronics manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers and software partners through business partnerships, SRS audio processing technologies and many of Odiosaraundosaundo, HDTV, mobile phones, Podaburumediadebaisu, PC and automotive applications such as entertainment, it before, the product has been sold with more than 1 billion worldwide. SRS Labs, Inc. The headquarters of the United States, including China, Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan poised to office, we strive for mutual development with manufacturers worldwide.

Descriptions in this release, except for information actually happened in the past, SRS and representative of the remarks, as well as the management assumptions and information currently available management is mentioned, future events based on management's belief assumptions about expectations, expectations, goals, made up of forward-looking statements about the intent or belief.

We hope this release said, but believed to be based on reasonable assumptions, evidence and strategies that can achieve our objectives there. A number of different factors such as risks and uncertainties, and affect the Dell inspiron 1545 battery, and may result in serious statements in this release are forward-looking statements discussed in the Company or its representative.

These elements, SRS Labs, Inc. approval of new products and technologies, the impact of competitive products and pricing, technological development and timely release of our general business and economic conditions (especially Asian), and our Form 10-K and other factors, including a detailed quarterly report was submitted to the other and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Labs SRS, the new information content as a result of future developments or otherwise assume responsibility, especially up to date or revise any forward-looking statements.

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あなたが好きなの [diary]










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Battery life and performance! [battery]

Battery life and performance!


Average battery life became shorter as the energy demands have increased. Very often hear two words: "batteries not included as a charge", respectively. "Fails to charge the Dell inspiron 1545 batteries." Approximately 30% of the batteries in less than 3 years of age or above. The failure of the batteries are 80% due to the sulfation. Sulfation occurs when the sulfate molecules in the electrolyte (sulfuric acid) is an excellent and ólomlemezekre overlap. Soon, the plates will be such a degree of sulfate deposition, that the battery fails, it does not take charge and not able to deliver performance. The sulfate deposition has several reasons, some listed below.

The battery is too much rest in between charges, for example. up to 24 hours of very hot weather or cold weather several days longer to initiate an increased sulfation.

The Dell inspiron 1720 battery is stored, that is not periodically reloaded.
The starter excessive discharge (deep discharge). Remember that these batteries do not tolerate deep discharge.
Charging the battery is not full, for example. 90% recharge in addition to the start of the sulfation of 10% of the material can not be reactivated by the incomplete charging cycle is left there.
38C above the temperature increases, the battery self-discharge. The temperature increase in the self-discharge rate increases as well. If a brand-new, fully charged battery in 24 hours a day temperature of 38C degrees for 30 days leave, most likely will not be able to start the engine.
Low electrolyte levels. The ólomlemezeken exposed to air immediately begins to sulfate formation.
Inappropriate charging voltage or charging characteristics. Most of the available low cost DIY battery charger can do more harm than good, see the section on battery charging.

The cold also stress for the battery. Cold, the Dell inspiron 630m battery capacity is lower than normal temperature. Even in a completely discharged battery can freeze when it sustained the temperature falls below 0 degrees.

Phantom energy consumers even take the Dell inspiron 6400 battery when the ignition key is pulled out. A little bit more on this below.
The capacity to conserve battery life, and there is a solution. The battery activator produced by us exactly the sulfation process of turning back, and precedes it.

Phantom energy consumers even take the battery when the ignition key is pulled out. Most vehicles are built-in clock, cd player, trip computer, immobilizer, alarm system, etc. Most of these consumers to continue operating, even when the engine is not running. If you have frequent problems with batteries failed prematurely, then one possible reason for the excessive consumption of the phantom of consumers towards less frequent refill. The Dell inspiron 1420 battery life is constantly alultoltott drastically reduced.

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