Computer that can be controlled with eye [news]

Computer that can be controlled with eye

Economy. The world's first notebook that equipped with a Toshiba satellite a200 battery that with eye control was demonstrated in going up on the Cebit technology fair in Hannover, Germany. The computer is made ​​by Chinese Lenovo, but the eye-control technology is developed by Stockholm-based company Tobii Technology.

Eye tracking means that the mouse cursor on the computer screen which use a Toshiba pa3384u 1brs as the power is replaced by the user's gaze. Steering is achieved by an interaction of eye movements and a button on the keyboard. The mouse becomes superfluous. For those who want to scroll text on the screen is enough to gaze downward or upward.

With products iPad and a power resouce like the Toshiba satellite l200 battery and Kinect technology focus has increasingly ended up on usability and what you can do in interaction with the screen. Our technology represents a further step in that direction, "said John Elvesjo, vice president and founder of Tobii Technology.

The company has so far mostly been focused on developing computers that have Toshiba pa3331u 1brs in with eye tracking for the disabled, and in which media companies used the technology to investigate consumers' eye movements while reading the advertisements and ads.

The costs of these systems has been on well over 100 000 SEK and has therefore been unattractive for a mass market.

Together with Lenovo, Tobii now placed its technology in a standard laptop that equipped with a Canon nb-2lh and a 15-inch display. However, still in a kind of prototype.

Next year he expects that the first computers with eye tracking will be available in electronic commerce for general consumers. But as it teaches about Asia. Sweden to teach computer come in 2013.

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Interacting with the computer player [laptop]

Interacting with the computer player
computer player

I think being all day in front of the computer vision that have a Toshiba portege m300 battery in has screwed me to the point where the hell are not seeing the fine print in the manual for developers of new technologies, where they are forced to seek, earnestly, how to perform tasks the computer without having to lay hands on him. It would be logical if we find something like Kinect that while it is slightly uncomfortable to keep your arms raised, we do not have to be hitting us to get through a song on the player.

Obviously the intention of the people of NEC Corporation is not to become masochists, but find a way to interact with the computer which use a Toshiba pa3420u 1brs as the power through gestures. For this ArmKeypad are developing a kind of do not know that we will allow our portable devices control by gestures. As can be seen in the video, has an accelerometer that is placed on the wrist of the person to detect the behavior of the arm, differential if we moved the left arm, right, or if we slapped.

As creators, we ArmKeypad play and pause music, adjust the volume or select new tracks to 'touching' (the video shows otherwise) in different parts of the arm, these functions make you feel play on the computer that equipped with a Toshiba satellite a200 battery. But manipulating the media player is not your limit, and are working to that later on, touch on certain parts of the arm, this order will result in a specific command.

ArmKeypad can be used to communicate via Bluetooth, so if we go on the bus and want to pass the song playing our notebook of which have a Toshiba pa3250u 1brs, we touching a specific part of the arm, for example. But this would be so when the technology becomes more advanced, otherwise what will we see in the video and we would be wrong.

They hope to launch a commercial version soon in sizes similar to a watch or a bracelet. If developments and tests go well, we'd be seeing a device with this technology to interact with the computer player which equipped with a Canon nb-6l as the power within one or two years. For now we must be very attentive while we walk, if we see a person beating his arm, please do not think that is avoiding being bitten by mosquitoes because they can be part ArmKeypad team.

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NGP Sony PlayStation 3 [news]

NGP Sony PlayStation 3

We all agree that Sony has raised passions with the recent announcement by Sony NGP / PSP 2. I think in terms of console are equal in arguments for and against, there is strong rivalry between Sony and Toshiba satellite a205 battery users, so that everything is diluted enough in a big ball of stupid insults, almost jokes like "your console is so bad that .... "

But Sony may be about to launch more news when I get a Toshiba pa3384u 1brs at the end of the year, in particular, and now he knows is that they could launch a synchronization service games in the cloud. This service would go along with your PSN account Plus, this exclusive club by now I think it has gone rather unnoticed for PlayStation or at least it's not what people expected it to be, a competition to service Xbox Live Gold.

But let's get what we want, what the rumor stated on this timing. Sony NGP to be so powerful it could run games for PlayStation 3, and that's where it gets interesting for Sony PS3 a user to continue playing their game sitting on the couch at home or going to work with NGP. When, in theory, using identical Toshiba satellite l300 battery, Sony offer an exclusive service for PSN Plus subscribers for your items are automatically saved online, so when you turn on either console can play from where you left off before.

Is quite important that both consoles are understood perfectly, since both games will serve for two so you can buy a Toshiba pa3331u 1brs for your laptop and play it automatically copied to your Sony NGP, until this rumored service which I made clear to me, synchronization of games.

Do you often use a Canon nb-2lh to play games on your laptop? Do you more like to play games? Now, do not worry, buy a Sony NGP can make you paly games on line.

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The Pasture [diary]

The Pasture

I'm going out to clean the pasture spring;

And to pick up the Toshiba satellite a205 battery on the ground,

I'll only stop to rake the leaves away,

To let the Toshiba pa3250u 1brs useful
for my computer,

(And wait to watch the water clear, I may);

I Shan't be gone long.--- You come too.


I'm going out to fetch the little calf ,

Going out to play computer that equipped with a Toshiba satellite a300 battery,

That's standing by the mother. It's so young,

That is so comfortable to use a Toshiba pa3384u 1brs to listen the music.

It totters when she licks it with her tongue.

I shan't be gone long.--- You come too.

New Apps and Games [phone]

New Apps and Games

Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft has started a new App threshold. As the software giant in the official Windows Mobile 7 Blog announced in the Market Place of the new mobile operating system, now more than 10,000 apps are available. And will survive even if, according to Microsoft, not all applications on time, not inconsistent with the App now for Toshiba portege m300 batteries against a rosy future. Why? Microsoft says that Windows apps do with Phone 7 more fun than on other multimedia phones. But is there anything concrete from the new Windows-app front? We show a selection of new applications.

Football Bundesliga on Windows Mobile 7

The good news there for many football fans. Several clubs in the Football League are represented in the Windows Phone 7 Market Place with a free useful app. Fans of Borussia Dortmund, 1 FC Köln, Hamburger SV and the other clubs do not just get the latest news of their clubs, but also information about the current squad, the current standings and past results. Developed, the applications of Tobit Software and are available in the App Store for iPhone and Toshiba satellite a105 batteries for the laptops.

In addition, the magazine provides kicker with its own app news from the football scene. Live Coverage are also available on the Internet that you can take out your laptop that with a Toshiba satellite a200 battery to look at it, such as results and tables. Also can be in the app's personal favorite club set, to be informed at a glance of the events of "his" club. Cost of using exception of used data plan do not arise.

For all train passengers: the DB Navigator

He can warn of impending strike is not, but quickly and easily view the next train: the DB in the DB Navigator. We often find the train use your laptop that equipped with a Toshiba satellite a205 battery, but now, the apple phone solve the problem for you to search on the smartphone. Relevance is not only the schedules of all German train stations, the app also provides information on the current train punctuality. In many cases, can also determine the way to the next stop on the basis of a GPS connection. This is possible because the DB Navigator on a database of metro, tram and bus can access stations.

HRS App: Hotel Booking by mobile phone

Also of interest for travelers is the app of Hotelprotals HRS. Users have access to a database of more than 250,000 hotels and may subject to availability directly on their laptops that which have a Toshiba pa3250u 1brs in carry the booking of a room. It shows all room rates, which are also visible on the classical HRS home page. Also, the personal "My HRS" area is completely usable on the Smartphone.

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Tablet market is experiencing strong growth! [news]

Tablet market is experiencing strong growth!

It is only a few months ago when we received the first Tablet PCs. However, it now seems to be already established that these devices have become indispensable in the future of the computer market that may be make the computer with a HP pavilion dv8000 battery more sales. A look at the recent surveys of Bitkom clarify this assumption is now even more. Almost every country in the world will see in the next few years, a steep increase in sales of Tablet PCs.

Even Germany is not exempt from this trend. While in 2010, still sold about 800,000 units, this number is expected this year to increase to up to 1.5 million. In the following year is no end to this trend in sight. Current projections show the high-tech association that 2012 about 2.2 million tablets will go over the counter. In particular, manufacturers will be impacted this year may not appreciate much more ringing cash registers. An increase in sales of HP pavilion dv9000 battery of around 70 percent would bring the companies together around 770 million euros.

Should everything proceed as predicted, it could as early as next year, a magical barrier will be broken. For the third year, the Tablet PCs import sales of over one billion euros. But what is a Tablet PC is exactly? In a way you could say that such a device has to offer items from various other areas, such as Compaq presario v3000 battery of laptops or laptops. While some of the functions of a notebook are quite similar, the touch screen looks more like the modern smartphone.

Particularly surprising is the fact that the Tablet PCs will reach in 2011 a double-digit market share. This will sell well this year, more than Tablets netbooks. Pretty amazing when you consider that netbooks are often more than half are lower. There are good Tablet PCs are available at all major manufacturers usually buy at a price of 500 €.

BITKOM but also significant for the whole of the staff has made computer equipped with a Compaq presario v6000 battery, which includes in addition to tablets and netbooks ordinary PCs and laptops. This year, manufacturers will fail at just under the 15 million devices limit. Particularly notable here is the proportion of portable devices, some 11 million of the parts sold fall into this category. Also, sales of personal computers in the field can be increased again slightly.

DieBITKOM estimates the revenue from all manufacturers and producers to around 6.9 billion Euro.Dass the Tablet PCs actually more fully are the trend, shown by the latest high-tech trade fair CeBIT in Hanover.

Currently no less than 40 different tablets are presented, which will be introduced in the coming months on the market.It is said the sales on the Internet on the computer with a Dell inspiron 1521 battery may be more. Virtually all known manufacturers, including Samsung, Acer and Toshiba, have at their booths at least exhibited one or more new Tablets.

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Scioli will go to the Legislature with a large battery of bills [news]

Scioli will go to the Legislature with a large battery of bills

The governor Daniel Scioli, will go tomorrow to the Legislature with a large Dell vostro 1500 battery of bills promoted by the Executive, from infrastructure and housing, even changes to the law of child adoption, thus inaugurating the 139 th regular session .

One initiative is the Strategic Plan for Dell latitude d620 battery and Sanitation of the Province, which will benefit over 13 million people and will ensure the sustainability of water quantity and quality for future generations, solving problems such as arsenic and desertification, overcoming the conflict between agricultural use and human.

The Governor will also present the draft law on the promotion of popular housing that addresses the housing problem, linking the land,Dell latitude d820 battery, housing and planning regulations, and implemented using innovative management tools to promote the land market, to encourage subdivision and construction in the urban wasteland.

Another project that will add to the legislative debate for this year is the initiative of Creation Act of Nutrition and HP pavilion dv6 battery, which will evaluate and improve investment in human development and thereby ensure that no profit from need for the needy.

Scioli also announce to the legislators of all the blocks the bill to amend the Adoption Act for the Province, which aim to streamline all the formalities to be completed to formalize the adoption.


Also, the agent shall submit the bill to create the Investment Agency of Buenos Aires to have a tool to expedite the implementation of investment projects and financial value chain, and underpin strategic productive sectors for the province.

It will boost the project for the establishment of the Development, Production and Labor of the province, whose main objective is to advance an agenda for sustainable growth, with state ownership, industry, field, trade, and construction workers. We all know a better HP pavilion dv9000 battery is more useful for the laptop, and the same, The large battery of bills to make the city more better for people.

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color [diary]


What is pink? The color of HP pavilion dv8000 battery is pink.

By the fountain's brink.

What is red? The color of HP pavilion dv9000 battery is red.

In its barley bed.

What is blue? The sky is blue.

Where the clouds float thro'.

What is white? The color of Compaq presario v3000 battery is white.

Sailing in the light.

What is yellow? The color of Compaq presario v6000 battery is yellow.

Rich and ripe and mellow.

What is green? The grass is green,

With small flowers between.

What is violet? Clouds are violet.

In the summer twilight.

What is orange? The color of Dell vostro 1700 battery is orange.

Just an orange!

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GP Batteries launches iPad case with integrated battery [battery]

GP Batteries launches iPad case with integrated battery

GP Batteries has launched a brand new iPad pouch, of course it is different from the Dell inspiron 1720 battery of your laptop, which prolong the life of IPAD with up to six hours. The case has a stylish design in finest leather with thoughtful details of a classic look. Including closed its case with a nice screen and you can easily make iPads up when you for example want to watch movies.

When we developed GP Instant Power iPad was the design just as important as function. Of course we would offer the strongest battery like the laptop battery Dell inspiron e1705 battery, but it was equally important that the pouch was light and handy to carry and simultaneously had a nice and clean design for a broad audience, "says Andre Rundeus, market and product manager for GPBM Nordic trademark GP Batteries.

GP Instant Power iPad have green LEDs that clearly shows how much battery power is left in the pouch.There have no useful things to show the Dell inspiron 1750 battery power of your dell laptop so far. So, you know the LEDs are so good that can shows your batery power in the left. Through the touch of a button you can recharge iPads and other devices via a USB output. The case charged when IPAD connected to a power source, and it implies that you always have a spare battery with you when traveling or at a meeting.

Since the Dell inspiron 1520 battery market evolves, we must be flexible and ready to adapt ourselves to maintain our market leading position. It gives us at GP Batteries a huge opportunity to develop new products. GP Instant Power iPad is an excellent example of it, which we are very proud, "says André Rundeus

GP Instant Power iPad is the first case on the market with built-in battery. Total pouch gives six hours of extra time in use. With ever more mobile devices requires better, stronger and smaller power sources, which are simple to carry along. GP Instant Power iPad is the first of GP Batteries' new and innovative products adapted to the new battery market. It is said to have more sales even than the Dell latitude d600 battery fo its market.
GP Instant Power iPad will be sold in selected shops and costs around.

So, the new ipad pouch is said to be more popular during our daily life!

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Share your location with Glympse [news]

Share your location with Glympse

On your way to a meeting, but you're late. Or go back home, or use a Dell inspiron 6400 battery to surf on the Internet and I expect for dinner. Glympse is an application that lets you share from your iPhone where you are and how fast you are moving, that at the meeting if you know it is 5 or 25 minutes at home or to know when setting the table and everything is ready As you open the door ... or to know what time you arrive and prepare dinner.

While with Google Latitude share your location with all your contacts at all times, is more oriented Glympse peak times, and total control over who has access to information. After launching the application decide who we want to inform where we are and how long we want to. You can leave a message (are many predefined type "I go home" or "I go now" but in English) and a destination, and go. Send email on your laptop which has a Dell inspiron 1720 battery, SMS, Facebook or Twitter a link so you can have us controlled via Web or from the application if they have installed, with the added advantage that there are versions for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. In the History section and by warning balloons application itself informs us that the recipient is accessing the information, and any time we must share.

The operation is very simple, you can also use a Dell inspiron e1705 battery to find the methods on you computer, note that is well designed so that the number of steps are the minimum possible and we can reduce them to only two hits to frequent contacts saved in Bookmarks. Or if we are going to take more than a touch in 15 minutes easily increase the time remaining. Details are appreciated in an application that we use when we are in motion and may hurry. Also do not even have set up an account or to share or to see what is shared.

Even as an app platform leverages Glympse iOS characteristics such as multitasking, and allowed to continue updating the position for as long as you have set but we leave the application in devices that support it, 4 and 3G iPhone.Note it is different from a 3G laptop which also have a Dell xps m1210 battery in. Fortunately, because if we were to leave it open lose many points. Oh, and the price? Free.

Today, Which merchandise for free? A Dell xps m1710 battery? No,the Glympse.

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