Mobile media consumption continues to increase [phone]

Mobile media consumption continues to increase
Mobile media

Globalization and regionalization go hand in hand. Define During transport and communication networks daily global dimensions, local and regional identity in many places the most important benchmark. Even in the digital media use on portable Internet-enabled devices, this trend will again. According to a recent study ("to go home") to market research firm TNS Emnid promotes mobile Internet while the regional links via the exchange location-based services and acts as a driver for such promotional offers. In addition, mobile phone, notebook that equipped with IBM ThinkPad t60 battery and Co also take in other areas of way use an increasingly prominent role.

Retrieval of location-based services by mobile phone

While the older location-based information (LBS) is preferably received over the radio, are among the under-30s for the retrieval of such services and mobile phone text in the center. Most interest in this kind of content is also in younger, higher-earning men. In mobile media consumption, the mobile phone also become mainly for young users find the portable computer that use a Toshiba satellite a200 battery as the power to the essential information gatherers.

It is understood that around 50 per cent of 14 to 29 year olds regularly on Internet or notebook that equipped with Dell inspiron 6400 battery to go to get news and media content, use about 41 percent of the young for a cell phone or smart phone. On average, all respondents laptop and mobile phone, although only with around 24 or 18 percent growth rates of 51 and 61 percent year on year, however, speak for themselves and highlight the increasing influence of mobile all-rounder in everyday life.

Mobile Radio use on mobile phones and smart phone trends

Especially in the use of radio on the way the mobile phone is increasingly used: 12.3 percent it currently already use to receive radio programs - representing an increase of 64 percent within a year. In the younger users, the proportion of 29 percent. As popular as a radio receiver is the notebook which have a Toshiba pa3534u 1brs in that is used a total of 8 percent as a sound source. A large role in both units also downloading video content from music portals, the laptop is more common to the mobile phone with 8.8 to 5.3 percent use. Likewise, be used like both types of devices in addition to visits to video sites like YouTube, and while the notebook for 19 percent, but the phone seems to be suitable only for 5 percent of the respondents as a video player.

The heyday of the MP3 player, however, appear to be over. Its popularity declined in comparison to 2010, both in the younger age and by 7 or 9 percent. Hardly play a role also currently Tablet PCs such as Apple's iPad. Only 2 percent of the over 1,300 respondents aged 14 years had one of the flat screen computer in use. In the just under 30-year-olds reported 4 percent to use a Tablet PC that have a Sony vgp-bps8 as the power for mobile media use.

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Comparing three smartphones in the moment [phone]

Comparing three smartphones in the moment

The main stars of the moment were tested for in our group: Apple iPhone 4, Milestone 2, Motorola and Samsung Galaxy S. A fourth model was programmed, the Nokia N8, but the company did not give a sony np-bn1 to our comparison, and he was excluded from testing. So let the contestants.

The three models have features in common. The more striking is the processor. All offer chips 1 GHz - the fastest currently available for Apple powerbook g4 15 inch battery. Each photograph also in 5 mega pixel, make videos in HD and have an accelerometer - which makes the screen image to adjust the position of the phone - GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with support for stereo headphones. But the similarities end there. The first differences are in how each phone stores data.

The Motorola and Samsung come with memory card 8 Giga. The iPhone 2 has four storage options: 16 or 32 GB. In spite of the iPhone offer more initial memory, the other two have the advantage of being more flexible because you can buy additional cards.

The iPhone has gone through a complete overhaul. The Apple powerbook g4 12 inch battery is thinner, but slightly heavier. The antenna is embedded in the outer side: it bypasses the device edges. Then came the controversy of the signal drops, because in some cases, the hand can block the antenna. In the U.S., Steve Jobs even had to distribute cape to remedy the situation.

Motorola is also betting the look clean. The rubberized finish is more, with more grip for the hands. A super important detail is the keyboard. He is the only such offering supersmartphones physical keyboard, and the virtual.

Samsung, guess what: we also have the clean look of this. All are very similar. The advantage of the model of the Korean firm is the screen size. It is the largest, with 3 inches, versus 2:30 competitors.

Incidentally, speaking of the screen, this is a really important issue when choosing your smartphone. After all, with sound expensive, you can and should demand the best look possible. We began with the Toshiba pa3420u 1brs. The new high-resolution screen, called by Apple "retinal display," strikes the eye, and displays icons and video with excellent quality.

But, for that matter, who gives the show is the Samsung player. Not just a big screen: The display uses a technology called super AMOLED. This technology shows more vivid images, it consumes less energy and less reflects the outside lights. Even under the strong sun, you can see the screen just fine.

The screen of Motorola is the least powerful of the three. Not that it's bad. But when compared to the Toshiba satellite a200 battery, especially with the Samsung, it gets a little behind.

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iPad 2: reduced waiting time from the Apple Store [phone]

iPad 2: reduced waiting time from the Apple Store

IPad of the second generation has achieved well known in Germany and many other countries around the world new sales records. Just days after the release of Apple then had to react and the waiting time for such a device to set up drastically. So who then appointed since that time one of the coveted iPad two tablets on the online shop, which had to set out that the Apple powerbook g4 12 inch battery may only after over a month arrive.

Then, after the earthquake in Japan led to such serious consequences, experts have found some major problems ahead for the company. Because of complications with the nuclear power plants could still not all production to resume their work. But now it seems that is felt by the looming shortage of Apple ibook g4 battery at all. For a short time you can find in the online shop, it would take only two to three weeks, can be delivered by iPad second Perhaps this has to do with the fact that ordered most of the interested parties in the first days of a Tablet PC from Apple.

Due to the somewhat lower demand make the problems in Japan for any consequences. Nevertheless, almost three weeks still a relatively long waiting time, so fortunately there are other alternatives available to potential customers. In Germany, for example, there are many Apple stores that may have still one or the other Apple powerbook g4 15 inch battery in stock. However, it is understandable that consumers are reluctant to want to visit each store, and then possibly even to get hold of a device.

This just can not enter such a case, the charge at Apple have now come up with something very special. As of 21 clock that is is possible to look up the Internet, whether it is in one of the xps m1330 battery stores still existing equipment.

Be available at a store or Sony vgp-bps8 models, these can be reserved for the next day. Thus, one need not worry about it then everything that is sold to another customer iPad 2. But in some of the electronics market is a very real possibility that there is still one or the other device from Apple in the camp.

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Samsung Omnia II [phone]

Samsung Omnia II

He has trouble seeing screens celu? So the Omnia II, Samsung's top line is the perfect device. Its touch screen, a huge (3.7 ") and high resolution (480 by 800 pixels) is a show for the eyes. And best of tud the size of fonts and a nice battery different from the Dell inspiron 6400 battery is also great, providing excellent readability, even with its dark background.

The large screen favors the use of Office applications. Working with spreadsheets is more pleasurable than the other smartphones. The smartphone has three front keys: two for the links and a directional center. In lateriais, buttons for locking and unlocking the phone, camera (5 MP camera with a Sony np-fh70) and volume.

Omnia's interface II follows the pattern that has become characteristic of touch devices from Samsung, sliding desktops, which can be augmented with widgets. The bar is retracted widgets on the left side of the screen. You can install other widgets, downloading them from the internet. Among the highlights, widgets for social networks and Google services like Maps, Gmail and Orkut, and shortcuts to phonebook, notes, weather, among others.

To navigate between screens and menus, using only your fingers is enough, although the sliding of the screen is not smooth. Lack sensitivity. To write, however, the user has to use the little pen stylus that comes along. With the pen, the writing is smooth and the unit allows you comfortably to notes in cursive script, the application notes. However, the pen is one that fits inside the unit. If on one hand the fact that she is more improvement to handle, the other is easy to lose, except that the tie strap somewhere.

The camera is only reasonable performance, and the Sony np-qm71d in a surprise phone that had everything to be an energy hog: your AMOLED screen is huge and the processor is super fast. The Omnia II is one of the best smartphones with Windows Mobile (version 6.5) today, but the system is not the most agile. The answer is a bit slow to switch between several open applications or when there are many widgets.

Our choice

The Omnia Pro is the device that best balances the tools provided with the final product price. Costing less than $ 1,000, is the most cost-effective. However, our choice was the Nokia E72. With brilliant performance in the tests, not owed anything. And best of all, has the best range between laboratory models. And as we know, there is no point having a super smartphone in the middle of the day the battery died.


Blackberry Bold 9700, cost-effective solution for connectivity.

Anyone who intends to use the Apple powerbook g4 12 inch battery but not quite want to spend much, either the equipment or data plan, a good option is the new Blackberry Bold 9700. He is a "brother" smaller and lighter than the Bold first, retaining the excellent connectivity with 3G, wifi, bluetooth and GPS. He also lost the "ball" directional, giving rise to a touch trackpad. The touch sensitivity accelerates the scrolling. The camera has also been improved and won geotagging.

In addition, it comes with the latest operating system (version 5.0), the app store Blackberry App World and native support for some social networks, like Twitter.

The battery the same with the Toshiba pa3465u 1brs that lasts for up to 17 days of standby time in 3G mode. In the course unit sells for R $ 849.00 on Sure 300 or unlimited plans. The fee for this package is 50% off first 3 months, for $ 37.50. But there are plans with monthly fees starting at $ 19.90.

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Optimus launches Android for young [phone]

Optimus launches Android for young
Optimus for young

Arrives in stores next week on the first smartphone Optimus dedicated to the youth segment. The equipment, marketed exclusively by the operator in our country, given the name Optimus Beijing Android.

As the name suggests, comes equipped with a longer life battery that different from the Toshiba satellite a200 battery, but the main strengths lie in the model combining the 2.6-inch touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard - to meet the so-called need of constant messaging of the newest.

Also in pricing have been taken into account the target audience of this Dell inspiron 6400 battery, and that the equipment will be sold at 129.90 euros worth of nice.

The carrier also said it will offer Internet access (75MB of usage per week for five weeks) and a pre-release discount of 30 euros in the acquisition of the phone.

The connection to the world's biggest network is made through the 3.5 G network and Wi-Fi, and is also based features like Toshiba pa3465u 1brs, camera - 3.2 megapixel LED flash - and dedicated keys for smileys and trackball.

The phone, available in white, gray and purple that have the same color with the Sony vgp-bps8, comes with pre-activated Tag tariff and is also the first to be released Optimus with Mobile Tag application installed from scratch, for access to the "community tag" on the phone.

The IBM ThinkPad t60 battery goes on sale on April 27, Wednesday, but as of today the company begins to carry out a series of promotional activities, allowing the telephone experiment in some stores Optimus - or buy it at 30 euros discount. NorteShopping, Vasco da Gama, Sintra Forum, Forum Algarve. Braga Parque and Forum Coimbra are the chosen locations.

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iPad, art and creativity [phone]

iPad, art and creativity
iPad, art and creativity

The launch of the iPad 2 in March 2011 meant more than the appearance of another gadget in stores. Moreover, it is now almost impossible to speak, as once did, a "toy snob and elitist" and it remains one of the cheaper tablets and sold on the market. His performance meant-and means-a change of perspective, mental and social repositioning of the product: if it is still a business and business tool very useful, and can not be designed only for the Sony np-fh50, the iPad has become atelier an assistant, a companion in the inventive process in a creative engine for artists and heads centered in the right hemisphere.

Clear and widely known examples of replacing iPad pianos, guitars, and even entire orchestras are the album The Fall of Gorillaz, produced in an IPAD with a wide selection of apps found in the App Store and then The Underwear Party Ultramods, recorded entirely in GarageBand iPad 2. In addition, also recall the work of art of David Kassan iOS Brushes made​​. However, these cases sides leaving many would call "extraordinary", is it possible to speak of an artistic movement of the hand of mass culture and new technologies? Is it possible to think the other artistic disciplines, those perhaps less traditional from a single glance? In this space, iPad AppleWeblog present cases, and why no HP g50 battery, applied to art, design and, most importantly, creative work.

The following video is part of The Voice Project, a global movement for peace that is musical artists performing songs from other artists, is doing covers of their favorite songs and musical references. These presentations are published on their website and the money raised (through donations, sponsorship, and advertising) is used for humanitarian purposes.

This time, The Voice Project joins the New York DJ Spooky and Joshua Roman, placed side by side with a IBM ThinkPad t60 battery and a more "traditional" musical dialogue with the electronic genre and live performance. To do this, perform the song "Everything in ITS Right Place" by British band Radiohead because they believe that building an optimal climate for both digital interpretation to analog, and they understand that is one of the few groups that has been exploring full merger with electronic music. Then a cello iPad and translating the talent and emotion of their performances.

Video for "Need"

Without abandoning the musical universe, move the shaft to the visual production. This is the song "Need" of Eddy and Broadway musical performer, particularly, the first music video shot entirely with a Dell inspiron 6400 battery. According to the interview conducted by Creative iPad its creators, Remedy Films, the entire production of the clip lasted just over 24 hours: 8 hours in line to buy 3 iPads, 5 hours of shooting, and 12 hours of editing. Also worth mentioning that, unable to access the Apple tablet before launch and assuming that the video quality would be similar, they did some initial testing an iPhone camera with 4 (then edited in iMovie IOS). Enjoy the next fleeting production created in 720p with a iPad 2.

These were two very different cases to creative uses of Sony np-qm91d. Beyond individual tastes, take the initiative in wanting to do something different, think differently ("Think Different"), and give some pre-established alternative uses is worthy of admiration and inspiration. Can you think of more cases for Apple products applied to art and creativity?

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New Apps for iPhone [phone]

New Apps for iPhone

The development of new apps continues unabated. Also in recent weeks, were re-developed several new applications. According to our recent App for Android smartphones Firsts we today present some news of Toshiba satellite a205 battery.

Football on the App Telekom

Especially for football fans on the iPhone is a small flood of useful apps available. Various sports portals have developed a special application for Apple's cult mobile phone and now has been correct also on the website, which is provided by the telephone on the web. The special feature of app: it provides a result service for all the approximately 177,000 men who are logged in the current DFB play. Not only the professional but also amateur leagues are included in the app, and the current in the form of Dell inspiron e1505 batteries, videos and results. Moreover, international competitors will be processed editorially. News of the association can be personally favored under a unique bookmark "My Club" call. Disadvantage: Only by the summer break can take advantage of the offer for free. For the 2011/2012 season will be the "My Club"and the amateur results free of charge.

iPhone App for PSD customers

Good news for all customers of the PSD-banks. Who on the go his account balance, just check the recent sales of credit card or make a quick urgent referral wants to can do all of the free banking on the PSD App. In addition to the Dell latitude d500 battery of the laptop is a bank and ATM search. To use the app, you have the PSD checking account must be activated for online banking.

Gettings revisited

Bargain hunters can now fully revamped to free-access app from Gettings, a subsidiary of E-Plus Group. All over Germany, it is now possible on the laptop that equipped with a Dell latitude d610 battery to get information on special offers and discounts. Gettings supplies available from the surroundings of the current location in the retail, hospitality and leisure. On request it is possible to filter out certain services. First, the getting-range in November 2010 was started in the Rhine / Ruhr area, it is now available nationwide - in fact in the Android Market.

Hilfsapp the DA Direct Insurance

A car accident can do to really anyone. Should it come but once a disaster, since the end of March can insurance be used in a practical Hilfsapp the DA Direkt. The program is designed to help take the right steps after an accident and to keep a cool head. Various topics are covered. For example, "safeguarding the accident site, " "first aid" (CPR, recovery position, management of wounds) or "Form-based evidence. " Moreover, App allowed access to the Nikon d40x battery to capture evidence immediately by image or video. Emergency numbers for all European countries are stored. Also this app is not just for iPhone users, but also in the Android Market are available.

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New Apps and Games [phone]

New Apps and Games

Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft has started a new App threshold. As the software giant in the official Windows Mobile 7 Blog announced in the Market Place of the new mobile operating system, now more than 10,000 apps are available. And will survive even if, according to Microsoft, not all applications on time, not inconsistent with the App now for Toshiba portege m300 batteries against a rosy future. Why? Microsoft says that Windows apps do with Phone 7 more fun than on other multimedia phones. But is there anything concrete from the new Windows-app front? We show a selection of new applications.

Football Bundesliga on Windows Mobile 7

The good news there for many football fans. Several clubs in the Football League are represented in the Windows Phone 7 Market Place with a free useful app. Fans of Borussia Dortmund, 1 FC Köln, Hamburger SV and the other clubs do not just get the latest news of their clubs, but also information about the current squad, the current standings and past results. Developed, the applications of Tobit Software and are available in the App Store for iPhone and Toshiba satellite a105 batteries for the laptops.

In addition, the magazine provides kicker with its own app news from the football scene. Live Coverage are also available on the Internet that you can take out your laptop that with a Toshiba satellite a200 battery to look at it, such as results and tables. Also can be in the app's personal favorite club set, to be informed at a glance of the events of "his" club. Cost of using exception of used data plan do not arise.

For all train passengers: the DB Navigator

He can warn of impending strike is not, but quickly and easily view the next train: the DB in the DB Navigator. We often find the train use your laptop that equipped with a Toshiba satellite a205 battery, but now, the apple phone solve the problem for you to search on the smartphone. Relevance is not only the schedules of all German train stations, the app also provides information on the current train punctuality. In many cases, can also determine the way to the next stop on the basis of a GPS connection. This is possible because the DB Navigator on a database of metro, tram and bus can access stations.

HRS App: Hotel Booking by mobile phone

Also of interest for travelers is the app of Hotelprotals HRS. Users have access to a database of more than 250,000 hotels and may subject to availability directly on their laptops that which have a Toshiba pa3250u 1brs in carry the booking of a room. It shows all room rates, which are also visible on the classical HRS home page. Also, the personal "My HRS" area is completely usable on the Smartphone.

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Nokia defends rejection of Android! [phone]

Nokia defends rejection of Android!


Nokia is getting from his new partner Microsoft a substantial sum of money. The value of the contribution that Microsoft was in the range of billions, "said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop on Sunday evening at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A specific sum he did not name. In media reports had earlier speculated, Microsoft and rival Google would have provided a veritable bidding war to Nokia for the win. Buy Google declined to comment Elop.

Reason for the decision against Google: "duopoly"

Nokia announced on Friday, and share in smartphones in the future mainly on Microsoft's Windows platform phone. The world market leader had recently lost much ground - from phones with Google's Android operating system and Apple's iPhone.The news can get from your dell laptop which has a Dell inspiron 1100 battery.

Elop explicitly defended the rejection of Google as a partner. Had chosen Nokia as the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers for the Android platform, the result would be a "duopoly" was from Google in the Dell Inspiron 6000 battery market, he said. "This would have tipped the whole market towards Google."

Elop, who joined in the fall from Microsoft to Nokia, stressed that he was not a "Trojan horse" of the Windows giant. In the decision for Microsoft, the whole management team was involved. He had a small stake in Microsoft, which dates from his time with the group. He did it for legal reasons, could not break down completely, but this will do and buy Dell inspiron 1420 battery.

The Android platform was displaced end of 2010 Nokia's Symbian from the top of the smartphone market. Together with Microsoft, whose share of smart phones following the launch of Windows Mobile 7 at three percent, was now to be in the role of "challenger," said Elop. "We will get anywhere in the world, significant market share to Windows Mobile." In return, Microsoft deliver Dell inspiron 1525 battery provides an excellent platform for advertising revenue.

Still no launch date for Windows Mobile!

Nokia revealed the first pictures on Sunday night, could look like Dell inspiron 1545 battery for a laptop running the Windows operating system. There was no specific launch date, it still does not. Elop but made it clear that it will go fast. Nokia management there would be "absolute accountability.

Symbian, Nokia's latest smart phone system should be developed, said Elop. It will also sell more Symbian phones and their users run Windows-phone gently in the direction. Also on the new operating system MeeGo, the Nokia developed together with the chip giant Intel, will continue. On Friday Elop had noticed MeeGo is an educational project. He was informed in advance about the Intel upcoming partnership with Microsoft, said Nokia's CEO.

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