The windows 7 SP1 [news]

The windows 7 SP1

windows 7 SP1

After a beta version and "Release Candidate" (RC) Microsoft has offered on 22 February, the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for your laptop with a Dell latitude d630 battery to download. The SP1 update not only the Vista successor, but also Windows Server 2008 R2. Choice of variants for the 32 - and 64-bit version operating system, the German language also supports the service pack. Whether you already have SP1 installed, check by clicking on the Start menu and typing "winver" in the search box.

Thanks SP1 ready for "Sandy Bridge"

The effect of SP1 on the functionality of Windows 7 are minimal: The operating system supported with SP1 installed, the technology "Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX). Which in case of the new chipsets from Intel ("Sandy Bridge") and AMD ("Bulldozer") for additional power for certain types of programs. Expect otherwise rather a collection of security updates and improved stability of the operating system.

Service Pack install

The installation of SP1 works in two ways: Either you download the complete package from the laptop which has a Dell vostro 1500 battery in and run the installation wizard. Currently, Microsoft offers a 32 -, and 64-bit version of SP1. Important: Select to download the bit number, which also has your operating system! The installation of the Windows 7 SP1 shows COMPUTER step by step.

Alternative: "Windows Update"

Or use the update service "Windows Update" - this invites Windows 7 downloads only the changes that are not already on your computer with a Dell inspiron e1505 battery in to work longer. Meanwhile, Microsoft distributed the Service Pack 1 via Windows Update - but invite you down here only a preliminary update before the start of the download SP1.

Conclusion: Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Those who expect the SP1 a colorful bouquet of new features that experienced a disappointment: the service pack is almost exclusively a collection of important improvements in security and stability - provides the installation, you hardly changes. Nevertheless, the lack SP1 on any Windows 7 PC! By the update, make sure that you have missed since the publication of the Vista successor, no major updates, closing any weaknesses in the operating system.

The installation went smoothly in the test: You need to set up the schedule SP1 than half an hour, at this time, Windows 7 by a restart. Although no problems occurred in the newsroom, a backup before installing the SP1 is recommended.

Do you have a Dell inspiron 6400 battery in your computer or a beta version of the "release candidate" of SP1? It need to delete before installing the final version. The most convenient way possible, the "Uninstall Programs" from Control Panel under the menu: click "View installed updates ", search for the Service Pack 1 and select Uninstall. (The "release candidate"works by 30 November 2011, from 30 June, the operating system reminds you of the imminent end of support).

How it works: install Windows 7 on a USB stick for your laptop and buy a Dell inspiron 1720 batteryto make you work a little longer.

"Sacred Windows 7: To enable hidden features!

Windows 7: How does the user interface.

They want this week to switch to Windows 7? From the Start menu to Control Panel: Scroll through the gallery and give you an impression of the user interface.

This article via: batterytimes.

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