Outstanding battery [battery]

Outstanding battery

Outstanding battery

The vast majority of the tablets that have come or come to the market these days have a range of around 10 hours. They are working 10 hours reading and websites, of course, video playback may reduce this figure.

In most cases you can use for two or three days in a moderate way without having to plug into power and although this is fantastic, no doubt we are spoiled. Now the Dell inspiron e1505 battery of a laptop and it seems to disastrous in recent years has spread considerably.

Apple, seven

The latest MacBook Pro Apple introduced this week, assume for example the Dell inspiron 6400 battery has a seven hours of battery life. This is slightly lower than the previous generation (which was eight or nine hours.) The reason is that in Cupertino have changed the measurement program to fit a more realistic use of computer.

Seven hours is a triumph when you consider that less than three years to overcome the barrier of the three hours required a significant sacrifice of power. The Apple tracking method is not without controversy. To accommodate a larger Dell inspiron 1720 battery without making the computer more heavy or bulky battery is not accessible and the only way to add an extra is to use external batteries such as HyperMac.

Lenovo, taking the lead with 30

But the MacBook Pro computers are not only presented this week, Lenovo has managed to spray all records of autonomy with their latest creations. The T420s keeps the traditional aesthetic made popular IBM Thinkpad computers but thanks to an extra battery high capacity of 1.8 kilos this team is capable of supporting up to 30 hours away from the plug.

The figure is difficult to imagine in this era of Dell xps m1210 batteries. Although often spoken of alternative solutions to power our electronic devices such as fuel cells, the fact is that only this type of battery is sufficiently developed for commercial use. The problem is that many resources devoted to research and develop the autonomy of these batteries will only grow 10% a year, virtually nothing to an industry that doubles in power every 18 months.

Sony, 14 (with tip)

The solution of the external battery is that Sony has also tried. These days unveils new Vaio range S equipped with the latest processors from Intel's Sandy Bridge family.

It is a lightweight (1.75 kilos) which, like the Apple Macbook hold seven hours away from the plug. The key here, however, is that Dell has created an external Dell inspiron e1705 battery that attaches to the bottom of the computer and folding autonomy. 14 hours of work, more than enough, for example, to an intercontinental flight.

This article via: batterywatch.

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