Microsoft Vs. Google [news]

Microsoft Vs. Google

The tone between Microsoft and Google is getting rougher. Now the two IT giants an exchange of blows delivered to a software contract with the U.S. government.ThinkPad z60m battery is not in front of Google, to have falsely claimed that the program proposed package had received a required security clearance. Google denies the allegation of fraud.

Battle of the Giants

The escalation of the simmering dispute for months, fits the image of a tougher rivalry of the two U.S. companies. Above all, it is about the Internet search, the HP pavilion dv6000 battery is by far the market leader, Microsoft is catching up with its search engine Bing but gradually. 'Then Google before Microsoft recently Bing to optimize results with the market leader. Microsoft, however increased the pressure in Europe with an antitrust complaint with the Brussels competition watchdogs.

There are other competitive fields like this one office software. For the Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Outlook are a major money-making. Google has been trying for years to conquer with its HP g50 battery and the market. Here, the Internet Group is firmly committed to the so-called cloud computing, in which data and programs are funded from the net. Even Microsoft, which traditionally earns the contrary with the software installed on computers presses ahead, before now with all his strength into the cloud business.

Contract worth $ 59,000,000

In the current case involves a contract for the e-mail system of the U.S. Interior. With the 59 million dollar five-year contract for 88 000 jobs tried Google, xps m1330 battery for the U.S. government to get a foot in the door. The Internet group complained in the fall against the agency because she prefers the Microsoft solution and cut the tender to the product of the rivals have. The award of the contract is to block a decision. Last week, the Interior Ministry has now been a reply from December made public, which remained unnoticed - until Microsoft on Monday evening, pointing to them.

Microsoft manager David Howard pointed to a footnote, according to the Google offering Google Apps for Government not have a certificate after the had "Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the requirement for U.S. authorities used programs is. This had, however, Google said in its application and a website. Google will not let the criticism lying down. The IBM ThinkPad t60 battery, the basic product to the Government's offer, Google Apps, had received in July 2010, FISMA certification. And Google Apps for Government is "the same system with security mechanisms that go beyond FISMA requirements.

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