The playbook of RIM is not so in! [news]

The playbook of RIM is not so in!

This has the cell phone and tablet maker Research in Motion provides otherwise presented: Originally the company wanted the Tablet PC playbook for a short time after the iPad 2 - quasi as a competitor - to the market. While Apple could release this Sony vgp-bps5 befitting in Germany and other countries are still plagued by RIM with various problems herum.Ganz early problems prevented with the battery, the device could be on track in the trade. After all units had replaced the chipset, and now appears to be evidentiary problems with the touch-screen panels to give.

This time, however, are not to blame Sony np-f960 from RIM, but these complications are caused by unfavorable combination of factors. On the one hand, the thing about the worst natural disaster in Japan, its origin, under which some plants had to remain closed today.

This in turn means that the number of ThinkPad z60m batteries that can be produced, will be significantly less than even a few months. But the big rival Apple has taken a step that will provide developers from RIM may have major problems. The American manufacturer has spent billions of euros that over 60 percent of the produced iPad Touch Panel for 2 devices are manufactured.

Thus, RIM must jointly share with all other providers the scarce remaining 40 percent. However due to this fact, it seems to be inevitable to push the release date for one or the other HP g50 battery back for other manufacturers. From the perspective of the current market leader Apple has to be said definitely that this could have been a pretty smart move.

After all, should be put on the market, this project could face some of the producers of the mid Jrholen ahres an avalanche of Android tablets now be prevented for the moment werden.Wann the situation improves for Research in Motion again, is difficult to predict. Much will depend on how the situation in Japan will develop in the coming weeks and months. It was originally being considered so that we will see in Germany, the IBM ThinkPad t60 battery in the second quarter of 2011 in the trade. Based on the latest developments and circumstances, it seems now not even sure that RIM will make its product later this year in this country.

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