The NGP will appear soon? [news]

The NGP will appear soon?

Throughout Germany there is guesswork at this stage, when the successor to the Sony PSP will go on sale. First, it could be assumed due to clear signs that it will be ready in 2011. After the earthquake disaster in Japan is still far-reaching consequences for the production of Sony vgp-bps8, has, at this time no one say exactly when it might actually be ready.

As befits a true Sony np-qm91d fan has to cling to a few potential customers already waiting with great anticipation to the NGP, to even the most thin straw. These days, the company that is making a move that could possibly be a reason for hope.

In Germany and other European countries, the Sony np-qm71d is now available at a price of 69.99 euros. Considering that for the device a few days ago, a price was paid from 89.99 euros, a fairly strong Preisrreduzierung. Now arises for some consumers may wonder why this action nourishes the hope of a release of the successor in this year. Well, in many cases it is so that the current console clearly some months before the publication of the new device in the price declines.

Too much hope but we should not do anyway. In this case, it seems clear from then that the price was not lowered because of the soon coming release of the Sony np-fm50, but rather because of the exchange rate of yen to euro has taken a good development. Although the two theories was keienr confirmed by the company itself, but second is as likely, above all, because the console in the UK - which indeed is known to be paid in Pounds - experienced no price cut.

So we can continue to do nothing else but wait for the Sony np-fh70, that Sony announced in the coming months, an official German release date for the NGP. Until that date, to all interpretations and reports about a possible postponement nothing more than pure speculation. Maybe the console is indeed first in Japan to market before they will get later a couple of weeks to months after Germany and the rest of Europe.

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