The challenger to Apple's screen [laptop]

The challenger to Apple's screen

So what do we - should Apple 27-inch Cinema Display to feel a bit worried about the competition? In this test, it has really only two major rivals and these are Dell inspiron 6400 battery and NEC Multisync PA271W. Both are indeed remarkable, but also much more expensive and much less well specified than what Apple offers. The other four monitors from Acer, Benq, Hannspree and ViewSonic is a different story. They deliver decent picture and movie viewing opportunities at a lower price as long as you can accept their various shortcomings.

And this goes to culling. The first thing that smokes is Benq M2700HD and Hanns.G HZ281HDP. Benq-option certainly has a lot of doors, but it also seems to think that diversity is more important than quality - and performance of the M2700HD is disappointing in both ThinkPad z60m battery and video when we compare it against the other screens.

As for Hannspree, we can also not be particularly excited, although we would like. It is inexpensive, yes. But when it comes to technology and performance falls flat and settles quickly to the right next to M2700HD.

With a fairly low price, ThinkPad x40 battery definitely worth an extra look. Its super slim design and stylish appearance gives it a quick lead over its competitors and LED backlight makes it easier for film show. Unfortunately, making its limited access opportunities and limping resolution that it does not meet our expectations, and we move swiftly on to the ViewSonic option.

Letting VX2739wm compete against Dell Ultrasharp U2711 and NEC Multisync PA271W is like to organize a race between a fiat, a ferrari and a porsche. And which is which, we probably did not explain. Despite this, ViewSonic PA271W captured a special place in our hearts and with its low price, its many connection options and their sensible performance ports that guaranteed an honorable third place.

But then it becomes more difficult. Dell Ultrasharp U2711 and Sony np-f750 are both excellent, well built and beautiful screens - which is also reflected in their exorbitant price tags. Ultimately qualify NEC Multisync is actually on a second location. It gives a great picture, but is nevertheless not as well-specified that the Dell monitor. Plus, the fact is the more expensive of the two.

This makes the Dell inspiron 640m battery to our winners. Why? With everything from their hybrid mix of inputs and outputs for additional features adjustable height options, this is simply a screen that hits right at what is important. However, Dell's outstanding image quality that will have the great applause, and the fact that it turns so well the writing of a review by the witnessing of a film into something extraordinary.

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