Listing Photo Engine: press release Oloneo [news]

Listing Photo Engine: press release Oloneo

Paris, France April 30, 2011: Oloneo today PhotoEngine v1.0, the only software HDR (High Dynamic) and RAW processing giving photographers full control of lighting and exposure in real time. The output of PhotoEngine v1.0 for Windows is planned May 31, 2011 at a price of 125 euros HT (or 149 U.S. $) that more expensive than a ThinkPad z61 battery. Users of the beta who register before May 31 receive a 25% discount and can acquire PhotoEngine v1.0 at a price of 93 euros HT (or 110 U.S. $). To register and take advantage of this offer, users are invited to subscribe to the newsletter of Oloneo on the website of the company whose address is

Numerous photographers have participated enthusiastically in public beta testing PhotoEngine over the last 9 months as evidenced by the abundance of suggestions and comments received. This active participation has helped make a reference HP pavilion dv6000 battery rising among professional photographers and amateurs.

"We spent all our time to implement the suggestions received from beta testers, making HP g60 battery a product tailored to their needs in terms of functionality, ease of use and speed," said Antoine Clappier, president 'Oloneo PhotoEngine and creator. "The quantity and quality of images created by users reflect the immense potential PhotoEngine."

By providing virtually unlimited control exposure and lighting in real time, PhotoEngine that equipped with a Sony np-ff50 gives photographers a whole new way to manipulate, transform and improve their digital photos.

"Sony np-fm50 has dramatically improved my workflow and increased my level of creativity and excellence," said David Giral professional photographer and longtime expert on HDR. "PhotoEngine has clearly taken a big lead on the competition to create a very effective images remarkable."

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iPad, art and creativity [phone]

iPad, art and creativity
iPad, art and creativity

The launch of the iPad 2 in March 2011 meant more than the appearance of another gadget in stores. Moreover, it is now almost impossible to speak, as once did, a "toy snob and elitist" and it remains one of the cheaper tablets and sold on the market. His performance meant-and means-a change of perspective, mental and social repositioning of the product: if it is still a business and business tool very useful, and can not be designed only for the Sony np-fh50, the iPad has become atelier an assistant, a companion in the inventive process in a creative engine for artists and heads centered in the right hemisphere.

Clear and widely known examples of replacing iPad pianos, guitars, and even entire orchestras are the album The Fall of Gorillaz, produced in an IPAD with a wide selection of apps found in the App Store and then The Underwear Party Ultramods, recorded entirely in GarageBand iPad 2. In addition, also recall the work of art of David Kassan iOS Brushes made​​. However, these cases sides leaving many would call "extraordinary", is it possible to speak of an artistic movement of the hand of mass culture and new technologies? Is it possible to think the other artistic disciplines, those perhaps less traditional from a single glance? In this space, iPad AppleWeblog present cases, and why no HP g50 battery, applied to art, design and, most importantly, creative work.

The following video is part of The Voice Project, a global movement for peace that is musical artists performing songs from other artists, is doing covers of their favorite songs and musical references. These presentations are published on their website and the money raised (through donations, sponsorship, and advertising) is used for humanitarian purposes.

This time, The Voice Project joins the New York DJ Spooky and Joshua Roman, placed side by side with a IBM ThinkPad t60 battery and a more "traditional" musical dialogue with the electronic genre and live performance. To do this, perform the song "Everything in ITS Right Place" by British band Radiohead because they believe that building an optimal climate for both digital interpretation to analog, and they understand that is one of the few groups that has been exploring full merger with electronic music. Then a cello iPad and translating the talent and emotion of their performances.

Video for "Need"

Without abandoning the musical universe, move the shaft to the visual production. This is the song "Need" of Eddy and Broadway musical performer, particularly, the first music video shot entirely with a Dell inspiron 6400 battery. According to the interview conducted by Creative iPad its creators, Remedy Films, the entire production of the clip lasted just over 24 hours: 8 hours in line to buy 3 iPads, 5 hours of shooting, and 12 hours of editing. Also worth mentioning that, unable to access the Apple tablet before launch and assuming that the video quality would be similar, they did some initial testing an iPhone camera with 4 (then edited in iMovie IOS). Enjoy the next fleeting production created in 720p with a iPad 2.

These were two very different cases to creative uses of Sony np-qm91d. Beyond individual tastes, take the initiative in wanting to do something different, think differently ("Think Different"), and give some pre-established alternative uses is worthy of admiration and inspiration. Can you think of more cases for Apple products applied to art and creativity?

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Apple announced financial results for the last quarter [news]

Apple announced financial results for the last quarter

Few minutes ago Apple has released the results of its second fiscal quarter (first quarter), as general summary, if we had to put it simply, you could say it's a new record in all respects, a milestone If you consider this to be non-holiday quarter. Broadly speaking, Sony vgp-bps5a sold 26,670 million with a net profit of 5,990 million.

By breakdown, sales were comprised of:

3,760,000 Macs, up 28% over the same quarter last year
18,650,000 iPhones, a 113% increase over the previous year
9,020,000 iPods, in this case we speak of a 17% decrease over the same quarter last year, half of this quantity accounts for iPod touch.
Finally, the company sold 4,690,000 of ThinkPad z61 batteries, with no previous references
The iTunes Store has generated 1,400 million dollars, with a total of 100 million books downloaded

I find great figures, taking into account that the section of HP pavilion dv6 batteries continues to show the trend for some time, the predominance of iPads and iPhones. Regarding the latter, it's amazing the pace has been taking into account the competition it has.

To give us an idea of ​​how good are these figures, the company of xps m1330 battery has increased revenue by 83% over the previous year (95% of profits). So, last year around the same time $ 13,500,000 had been admitted with a profit of $ 3,070,000. Is almost twice, in both terms, with respect to what was done last year. And the expectation is to continue to break records.

The challenger to Apple's screen [laptop]

The challenger to Apple's screen

So what do we - should Apple 27-inch Cinema Display to feel a bit worried about the competition? In this test, it has really only two major rivals and these are Dell inspiron 6400 battery and NEC Multisync PA271W. Both are indeed remarkable, but also much more expensive and much less well specified than what Apple offers. The other four monitors from Acer, Benq, Hannspree and ViewSonic is a different story. They deliver decent picture and movie viewing opportunities at a lower price as long as you can accept their various shortcomings.

And this goes to culling. The first thing that smokes is Benq M2700HD and Hanns.G HZ281HDP. Benq-option certainly has a lot of doors, but it also seems to think that diversity is more important than quality - and performance of the M2700HD is disappointing in both ThinkPad z60m battery and video when we compare it against the other screens.

As for Hannspree, we can also not be particularly excited, although we would like. It is inexpensive, yes. But when it comes to technology and performance falls flat and settles quickly to the right next to M2700HD.

With a fairly low price, ThinkPad x40 battery definitely worth an extra look. Its super slim design and stylish appearance gives it a quick lead over its competitors and LED backlight makes it easier for film show. Unfortunately, making its limited access opportunities and limping resolution that it does not meet our expectations, and we move swiftly on to the ViewSonic option.

Letting VX2739wm compete against Dell Ultrasharp U2711 and NEC Multisync PA271W is like to organize a race between a fiat, a ferrari and a porsche. And which is which, we probably did not explain. Despite this, ViewSonic PA271W captured a special place in our hearts and with its low price, its many connection options and their sensible performance ports that guaranteed an honorable third place.

But then it becomes more difficult. Dell Ultrasharp U2711 and Sony np-f750 are both excellent, well built and beautiful screens - which is also reflected in their exorbitant price tags. Ultimately qualify NEC Multisync is actually on a second location. It gives a great picture, but is nevertheless not as well-specified that the Dell monitor. Plus, the fact is the more expensive of the two.

This makes the Dell inspiron 640m battery to our winners. Why? With everything from their hybrid mix of inputs and outputs for additional features adjustable height options, this is simply a screen that hits right at what is important. However, Dell's outstanding image quality that will have the great applause, and the fact that it turns so well the writing of a review by the witnessing of a film into something extraordinary.

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Collaboration agreement between Microsoft and Ingram Micro [news]

Collaboration agreement between Microsoft and Ingram Micro

ThinkPad z61 battery have signed a value by which the wholesaler becomes Value Added Distributor (VAD) of Microsoft, virtualization and security solutions. This is one of the first agreements of its kind between the two companies was signed in Europe.

The alliance involves strong commitments to business and HP pavilion dv6000 battery development to be supported throughout by Microsoft. The market demand both efficient and affordable solutions in virtualization and safety. This agreement will help both organizations to search for a channel focused.

In this sense, the agreement is signed in a perfect moment with the recent launch of the Microsoft Partner Program (MPN). IBM ThinkPad t60 battery is betting on the specialization and differentiation of the channel both at the wholesale level and in its channel partners, rewarding those who prove their expertise. The agreement between Microsoft and Ingram Micro is a reflection of this strategy.

The signing of the agreement is associated with a business plan to three years, which extends until the end of 2013. Apart from purely sales goals, have a more comprehensive and qualitative objective. As noted Figols Martí, director of the Division of Ingram Micro value: "To be recognized as the foremost specialist in Microsoft solutions. And not just those that are included in the contract VAD, but others that can be framed within the context of value, such as SQL Server, Dell inspiron 640m battery, Visio, Project, etc.. "

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The playbook of RIM is not so in! [news]

The playbook of RIM is not so in!

This has the cell phone and tablet maker Research in Motion provides otherwise presented: Originally the company wanted the Tablet PC playbook for a short time after the iPad 2 - quasi as a competitor - to the market. While Apple could release this Sony vgp-bps5 befitting in Germany and other countries are still plagued by RIM with various problems herum.Ganz early problems prevented with the battery, the device could be on track in the trade. After all units had replaced the chipset, and now appears to be evidentiary problems with the touch-screen panels to give.

This time, however, are not to blame Sony np-f960 from RIM, but these complications are caused by unfavorable combination of factors. On the one hand, the thing about the worst natural disaster in Japan, its origin, under which some plants had to remain closed today.

This in turn means that the number of ThinkPad z60m batteries that can be produced, will be significantly less than even a few months. But the big rival Apple has taken a step that will provide developers from RIM may have major problems. The American manufacturer has spent billions of euros that over 60 percent of the produced iPad Touch Panel for 2 devices are manufactured.

Thus, RIM must jointly share with all other providers the scarce remaining 40 percent. However due to this fact, it seems to be inevitable to push the release date for one or the other HP g50 battery back for other manufacturers. From the perspective of the current market leader Apple has to be said definitely that this could have been a pretty smart move.

After all, should be put on the market, this project could face some of the producers of the mid Jrholen ahres an avalanche of Android tablets now be prevented for the moment werden.Wann the situation improves for Research in Motion again, is difficult to predict. Much will depend on how the situation in Japan will develop in the coming weeks and months. It was originally being considered so that we will see in Germany, the IBM ThinkPad t60 battery in the second quarter of 2011 in the trade. Based on the latest developments and circumstances, it seems now not even sure that RIM will make its product later this year in this country.

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Microsoft Vs. Google [news]

Microsoft Vs. Google

The tone between Microsoft and Google is getting rougher. Now the two IT giants an exchange of blows delivered to a software contract with the U.S. government.ThinkPad z60m battery is not in front of Google, to have falsely claimed that the program proposed package had received a required security clearance. Google denies the allegation of fraud.

Battle of the Giants

The escalation of the simmering dispute for months, fits the image of a tougher rivalry of the two U.S. companies. Above all, it is about the Internet search, the HP pavilion dv6000 battery is by far the market leader, Microsoft is catching up with its search engine Bing but gradually. 'Then Google before Microsoft recently Bing to optimize results with the market leader. Microsoft, however increased the pressure in Europe with an antitrust complaint with the Brussels competition watchdogs.

There are other competitive fields like this one office software. For the Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Outlook are a major money-making. Google has been trying for years to conquer with its HP g50 battery and the market. Here, the Internet Group is firmly committed to the so-called cloud computing, in which data and programs are funded from the net. Even Microsoft, which traditionally earns the contrary with the software installed on computers presses ahead, before now with all his strength into the cloud business.

Contract worth $ 59,000,000

In the current case involves a contract for the e-mail system of the U.S. Interior. With the 59 million dollar five-year contract for 88 000 jobs tried Google, xps m1330 battery for the U.S. government to get a foot in the door. The Internet group complained in the fall against the agency because she prefers the Microsoft solution and cut the tender to the product of the rivals have. The award of the contract is to block a decision. Last week, the Interior Ministry has now been a reply from December made public, which remained unnoticed - until Microsoft on Monday evening, pointing to them.

Microsoft manager David Howard pointed to a footnote, according to the Google offering Google Apps for Government not have a certificate after the had "Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the requirement for U.S. authorities used programs is. This had, however, Google said in its application and a website. Google will not let the criticism lying down. The IBM ThinkPad t60 battery, the basic product to the Government's offer, Google Apps, had received in July 2010, FISMA certification. And Google Apps for Government is "the same system with security mechanisms that go beyond FISMA requirements.

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Acer computer [laptop]

Acer computer

Acer computer

Acer, which was founded in 1976, a Taiwanese computer makers. Today Acer counted as a world leading manufacturer of personal computers that may be have Sony vgp-bps5 in. Acer has around 5600 employees in various locations around the world. Acer products are sold in over 100 countries. Acer is a brand that truly stands for quality.

The company makes computers that are tailored to businesses as well as private individuals. Acer offers a variety of models and it should therefore not be a problem to find a computer that suits you and your needs. The company's notebooks that equipped with ThinkPad z60m batteries are divided into series Aspire, Tablet, Aspire, Aspire and Ferrari. Furthermore, Acer is also offering desktops, personal digital assistants, navigation systems, servers, projectors, monitors, digital cameras and LCD TVs. There are a variety of resellers of products from Acer.

Acer Aspire is a laptop that is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as self-employed. This computer has won several awards. If you are a home user, it might be a good idea to invest in an Acer Aspire. This product family is characterized by a high performance and ease of use. Acer Ferrari offers a great flexibility of use.

Do you therefore always have the time to compare prices. Good sites for comparison shopping is Price Runner and Kelkoo. Some of the main dealers of Acer products in Sweden is Dustin, NetOnNet, OnOff, inWarehouse, Elgiganten and Ziba. It is usually cheapest to buy their Acer computer over the Internet. However, be sure to check shipping costs and delivery time. When you buy a computer that want to equipped with a HP pavilion dv6 battery from Acer, you should also consider whether you need to obtain any additional insurance.

If you choose to buy your product from Acer through a foreign distributor, you should be extra careful to make sure the company is legitimate. Is there any question marks when you're buying an Acer computer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for current information. This will reduce the risk of boring units later.

There is also a large secondary market for products from Acer. Example, you can find an Acer computer at sites such as eBay, AOL and Amazon Marketplace. The price of Acer computers that can use xps m1330 batteries as the power, as well as all other computers, drops very quickly. You can find an Acer computer, high performance, which just a few years old at a very affordable price.

Acer has a customer support which can be reached by phone 020-25 25 00. Customer Support is open on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00. On Acer's Swedish website, you can see the status of your repair. With regard to the sale of spare parts for Acer products are handled by the Zandgroup AB. You can reach Zandgroup AB on phone 013-31 60 34th If for any reason you become dissatisfied with your Dell inspiron 6400 battery, you should hand in flrsta always contact the dealer.

If you are unable to resolve the problem so you can get in touch with Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN), which works to provide advice on disputes between consumers and businesses. You can reach ARN at telephone number 08-555017 00th For consumer legal issues so you can get in touch with the Consumer Agency.

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Nintendo 3DS Game Test [news]

Nintendo 3DS Game Test

3DS: Sims 3: Be it on PC that use a Sony vgp-bps5a as the power, Xbox or PlayStation 3, the franchise "The Sims" have been fascinating for over 10 years, players of all ages. No wonder that the developers have thought here that this game should necessarily appear on the latest console from Nintendo. With the 3D effects would have determined a Sims game can put on the legs, which would become the absolute best seller. In this case, I am really disappointed by EA but enormously, as the 3DS version of the game in general just do not give of. Unlike Sims versions on other consoles, is here almost entirely dispensed with a statement of its own functions, which makes it especially for beginners rather complicated. Also from the implementation of the characters I would have definitely expected more, so I think this game is not really recommended.

PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer: As a confirmed fan of the Fifa series, I really had no great expectations for the football game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, which was previously fürPSP, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PS 2 undPC available. In this game, the 3D effects were fairly implemented perfectly, so that one could think use a ThinkPad x60 for their computer to play the games directly in their own home . The harmony between the controls of 3DS and control of PES 2011 are in excellent, so it can be on the Nintendo 3DS played with such precision that would otherwise be possible on any other console. The only minor complaint is the lack of good asset and remain the game, so many teams are provided with a relatively unusual name.

Rayman 3D: In the game Rayman 2 is a jump n run game as it is in the picture book. A total of 20 levels are sometimes quite challenging to get but with a lot of fun and action. As usual in previous versions of Sony np-fh100 must also slow-play more and more functions and capabilities.

Super Street Fighter IV - 3D Edition: This game is one of the highlights for the new Nintendo 3DS. 35 more or less well-known fighter, plus a unique graphic and well done 3-D effects make 'Super Street Fighter IV "into a true gaming experience. In addition to the characters provide the camera that with a Sony np-fm50 and the control can be changed, which in turn has an effect on the difficulty of the game. For the first time there in a Street Fighter game, a shoulder-mounted camera, but should be better applied by experienced players, as it is quite difficult to catch the right moment to strike.

Nintendogs + Cats: The cute dogs from Nintendogs to get in the 3DS version increase of cute cuddly cats. Apart from the fact that the player can now also take care of a cat, was the game play to the DS version changed very little. This time stand on betting advertising, in which various prizes to be won. It is obvious that all the other needs of the pet are satisfied. In addition, it is still positive to note that the graphics in "Nintendogs + Cats" but has improved quite a lot. This game may not be to everyone's taste, but who has taken a liking to its predecessor, will love this game.

Pilot Wings Resort: Several years ago, was "Pilot Wings" as one of the best games for the former Nintendo 64 If you look today at the new edition for the HP g50 battery, it makes itself felt directly the huge advances that have taken place between the few console generations. Principle of the game, but has not changed much. With a wide variety of vehicles, it is a number of challenges to survive in the air. However, the scope of the game is pretty much limited, so that is lost after a relatively short period of game play.

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PC for All Extreme [laptop]

PC for All Extreme!
PC for All Extreme

Something cool has happened! Computers that may be have a Dell inspiron 710m battery in perform better than ever, access to PC-tuning is huge - but despite the continuing price of products just to rage! The PC enthusiast's era!

Therefore we now sharpen our surveillance in the area by combining micro-computer literate flow of reviews and tips PC that equipped with a ThinkPad t60p battery for Everyone's ever-growing site, in order to reach out to an even wider audience!

Micro-computer that equipped with a IBM ThinkPad t60 battery as we know, a long tradition of testing the hardware - everything from processors and graphics cards to memory chips and power supplies. The brand began as a newspaper for over 30 years ago for the last few years have adapted to the audience by moving to one site, combined with a popular forum.

Micro-computer's heavy-initiated testing and analysis also complement PC for All as a glove. Demand for this type of more advanced materials are from the PC that use a HP g50 battery as the power for Everyone's hundreds of thousands of readers and visitors has grown substantially in recent years.

The name of the combined products will be PC for All Extreme and operated, as before, continue Ojvind Karlsson in the lead.

So welcome to a whole new section on the PC for All! Let us waiting for the PC that have a Sony vgp-bps5a in.

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